Bad Dad

My dad robbed a bank when I was 5. He was caught because my mom called the police. Je was jailed for 7 years. I all the years never heard from him and I never visited him.
When I was 12 ond day there was a knock on the door. My mom went and came back into the room followed by the man she called my dad. He had a gun in his hand. And he was angry. very angry. he beat my mom in the face and positioned the gun at her. I tried to help her but he was much too strong.
Then he did something, I will never forget.
He forced me on a chair. My Mom had to go on her knees in front of me. Hee forced her to open my Pants and get my cock out. It was'nt hard because I was too scared. He forced mom with the gun to take my cock in her mouth and suck it. She did it and tears were on her face. But she did it. I could noct do anything against, I became hard in her mouth.
He forced her to do it until I came. I came in her Mouth and she hab to take it. My "Dad" laughed and off he went.
Sorry, I'm not english. Just what I learned at school.

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  • Jesus!

  • Did u call the police

  • Sure we did. He's waiting for the court now.

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