Gloryhole in the pool changing rooms

I never thought I could do such a thing!
Once or twice a month I meet with some of my best friends to have some coffee and shit chat about the kids and other important things.
The last time we met my best friend Steffi told us, she had heard that someone did holes in the walls of the changing boxed of our local pool. We laughed about it and I thought I would forget but I did not. It stuck deep in my head and the cinema in my head did its work.
It lasted 3 days until I went to the pool with our 2 kids. I diod not want to, but yes, after a while, the kids were in the water splashing around, I walked to the building. I looked around and there were much too much people so I walked in. The first boxes have been ok but the 4th in the back... I opened the door and there it was. I was shaking, I got hot and I got - yes - horny.
I had to sit down. I closed the door. Shortly after it, there were voices. Someone came in and walked through the room. The the door beside my booth was closed and then it happened. Just what my friend told us. The hole was just wide enough, a cock appeared on my side. No monster, more on the tiny side. White and uncut.
I did not know what to do. A young(?) voice whispered "Suck it bitch!" I was again shaking. But then I took it in my hand. It was hard as it should be and I jerked it. It needed only 4/5 Jerkes, then he shot some drops.
Short after that I heard the door and a short whispering, then the second (bigger) cock appeared.
The first 3 I just jerked off. Then I did it, the next, again a smaller one I put my lips around it and sucked. He shot off right then. In a short while, I think about 15-20 Minutes I had about 15 cocks. No one had a condom but I did not think about it. I masturbated myself all the time.
When I came back to my daughter, she wanted to tell me something. She whispered to me, that all the boys, of course my son too were at the Changing rooms. there should be some booths where the boys stick their cocks through and someone on the other side sucks them off.
I did not know, what to say. Did I suck my own son???
Sorry, I'm german (for the spelling)


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  • I love gloryholes. The old county park /boat ramp on the back side of the private lake I live on has a hole cut in the wall of the pit toilet. Since I first discovered this and what it was for at the age of 14. I visit it nighty, I'm 22, and have a cabin of my own, within walkin of distance of the park. No longer having to take my boat to get there.
    On a normal weekday evening, maybe I'll get one or two cocks to suck, weekends four to six, holiday weekends my jaws are sore by Monday morning. Sometinhes to the point I can hardly open my mouth. I love every minute of it.

  • Wow, very interesting

  • Thank you :-)

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