My first BBC

Yesterday my car broke down on the road to my cousins and this guy in a old pick up stopped to see if I needed help and he was Black as blue black and spoke little English learned he was just in the states for three weeks on a visa and was on his way to work at a ranch up the road He wasn't wearing a shirt and man did he have a upper body kinda the type a girl dreamed of and the shorts he was wearing didn't hide much at all and he looked massive but when his cock drooped out of one of the leg openings as he was bent over the hood of my car more and more of his cock started showing.
I couldn't help myself for he really got to me and I took hold of his cock and started stroking him and ion no time he was hard as a rock and a I went down on him taking him in my mouth and I began giving him head, I was outta control and in no time he began fucking my face shoving his member down my throat deep.
He cam deep in my throat and I didn't even taste it till he slowly pulled from me and I couldn't believe I had so much in me, still holding onto his hard cock I told him I needed him and showed him my bare pussy beneath my skirt and he picked me up laid me in the bed of his truck and gave me what I wanted. God he was bigger than anything I ever had before and in no time I was cumming on him over and over bigger orgasms and harder then he filled my pussy deep with his hot cum but did he stop fucking me oh no he went right back at it even harder this time making me scream fuck me oh god fuck me oh god I love your cock in me and soon he was giving me all he had right to his balls pressing hard against my cervix I think he even gained entry to the forbidden part of my body as he filled my body with his cum once more. He collapsed upon me and I held onto him tight he began kissing me and sucking my hard nipples and I told him he better quit or I might do something we'd both regret. His cock was still in me deep and he began fucking me all over again and I told him I can't take no more of him right now for I was kinda sore from his huge member.
He couldn't get my little car going so he towed me to the ranch were I was going about 7 miles down the road all the time kissing me and playing with my pussy telling me how much he'd love to get with me again. He told me I was the first white girl he'd been with and I gave him kiss and told him I'd love to get with him again and went down on him again. He told me to stop or he stop truck and fuck me again and again and again I didn't and he did for three hours he fucked me again and again and again even took my ass.
I had to stop him for I was sore and couldn't believe he had his hard cock ball deep in my ass as he filled it with his hot cum he picked my up with his hard cock still in my ass deep as he continued to pump more sperm into me holding onto my breasts just holding me on his still hard cock I told him don't ever leave me and turned and gave him a big kiss right on his wonderful lips.

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