A fantasy for her

OK, so the wife and I have been married for over 25 years, we spent the majority of that time raising a family. Now that the kids are a bit older, we have time to get back into our hobbies and adventures. We have always had a healthy sex life. We are big fans of fantasies in the bedroom to the point of going out to bars and then pretending to be strangers and meeting up and then taking her home (you know the rest of the stories)

Based on this fantasy, we talked a few months back of perhaps bringing a man into the mix, it was only talk but it set some ground rules in case we ever got that far. So the rules are simple, it has to be someone known to us, it has to be done in a safe environment and protection has to be used (she is quite fertile).

Fast forward to about two weeks ago, during a late night conversation the wife asked me if I was serious about letting another get involved in our fantasies, I told her yes and reminded her that as long as the rules were followed then it would not be a problem.

A couple of days later she brought it up again. This time she mentioned that she had been talking to a younger man that is known to the both of us. We will call him Carlos. Carlos is a bit younger than us (he is in his 30’s, we are late 40’s). A bit of background on Carlos, we met him when we moved to our new home a few months back, he was the account manager for the team that helped transition our move, top notch guy, made it easy for us to move into our new home.

Well apparently Carlos has been calling and emailing my wife, making sure our needs where met by his company (yeah right!) and she struck up a conversation with him that led to texting, etc. So yes, Carlos made it very clear to her that he was interested (she showed me the texts) and that although he is married, he’d be willing to do whatever it took to make love to her (smooth words, women love that Shit!!). I told her to think about it and make a decision based on everything we discussed including the rules.

The next day she told me that she would want to at least meet with Carlos to discuss. So she made the call and that weekend we met Carlos at a local restaurant. My wife was a bucket of nerves and I thought she was a going to pass out when he got there. He was extremely attentive to her, made her laugh and at ease. Not being one to waste time, I brought up the plan. I mentioned to Carlos that his role was solely to make a fantasy a reality for my wife, and since he was married he understood that any harm to my marriage would surely cause harm to his...he understood.

However, my wife was not to keen on what I said next, I told them that they would plan the whole thing, I would know the exact location where they would be but I would not be there. He agreed right away but my wife had that “oh shit” look. So, I asked Carlos to excuse us, he left to go to the restroom and that’s when my wife became a bucket of nerves again. I explained to her that the goal was for her to fulfill a fantasy, that I want her to enjoy the moment and not be nervous because I would be a distraction in the room for both of them. I did tell her that if it worked out and they planned a follow up outing, I would be there, this put her at ease.

When he came back, I excused myself and told them they needed to talk and come up with a plan. the location we met is a stones throw from the beach so they decided to take a walk while I waited by in an area smoking a great Cuban cigar. They remained within eye sight of my location and after a while they returned. Carlos thanked me a ton for allowing him the opportunity to fulfill his fantasy of making love to my wife (my wife was blushing like crazy).

Before we left, he asked my permission to kiss my wife and I said sure, but not in the open, walk with us to our car. Once she got inside, he walked up to the door, I told him to open the door, he did, then he kissed her, and wow, it was one heck of a kiss, by the time he was done, she was breathing very hard. Needless to say, getting home fast was a priority!!

The following week I was informed that the meeting place would be a very nice hotel in the Newport Beach area; I was also provided emergency numbers and the room number. On the day of, I drove her there, he was already waiting, she was extremely nervous and at one point I though she was going to change her mind but she championed through it. The agreement was that he would drop her off, but it would be a quick drop off so the neighbors would not see anything. I went and ddI my own thing, catching up with my Netflix shows.

This is s synopsis of what happened based on what my wife told me:

When I left he wasted not time and took her straight to the room. He had a bottle of champagne and strawberries (that was a bit of a waste because my wife does not drink). When she made it known she was not a drinker he proceeded to take care of business, he kissed her, explored her body with his hands and after successfully removing all of her clothes, took his time and tasted every inch of her body. Dude seems to know what he is doing because he spent a bit of time using his mouth on her, making her explode.

She said he got nude and she was surprised to see that although he did not have a long cock, he was really thick. My wife, I must say is an expert with her mouth, so when she explained what she did to him, I could only imagine the level of torture she put him through (of course she sucked his cock while he wore a condom). She said he came rather quickly but man, I don’t blame him!

To her surprise, he was up and ready for more within seconds. He put on a fresh condom and lay her down on the bed while he stood in front of her. She said he proceeded to give her one of the best fucks she has had; she said his cock felt thicker the more he fucked her, this first fuck lasted about an hour in her estimates.

To make a long story short, he fucked her in just about every position he could get out of her, he only stopped to drink water/champagne and this was all they did from the time he got her in the room until about 1:00 when they fell asleep.

So to give you an idea, I dropped her off at the hotel at about 4:00 pm on Friday, he ended up bringing her back at almost 5 am! He had her for over 10 hours!

She said they woke up and she was in a panic because it was starting to get light outside however, he wanted more and fucked her in the shower as a bonus however this was a bit of a problem; he was not wearing a condom and he came inside of her, it did now dawn on her until after they left the hotel!
So she got home and went straight to bed, she was a wreck.

When she woke up she was still a wreck, she was sore, cranky, complaining that he did not let her sleep and that he didn’t give her too many breaks in between fucking. Her pussy was a complete mess (I checked) he destroyed her and on top of that, he fucked her in the ass and she has a cut (a bit too thick or her I guess). So I urged her to get more sleep, she also contacted her sister (nurse) to get her some of the morning after medication just in case. It was delivered promptly while she was still sleeping, my sister in law gave me a sly smile and told me we should be more careful, that we are too old to be parents (kidding of course).

When she finally got better rest, she woke up and the first thing she said was “My pussy and my butt are so sore!” I asked her if it was fun and she said that at first it was but he just kept going and going and it got tedious after a while. She was so sore that she sucked him off a few times and then caved in and let him take her ass but, it was not enough and he fucked her pussy more; she was however surprised because it seemed he had an endless supply of energy and cum.

I asked her the big question, is it going to happen again, she said no, she said Carlos is a bit too young and although he was very attentive when he “tasted” her (eating her pussy, which he only did once), it seemed that he was more focused on his needs. She said it would be very hard for her to have to deal with being as sore as she was from both holes, she also said that his “thing” was just too thick for her.

Stay tuned for the conclusion!


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  • I fuck other guys for my husband. He likes it when someone else cums in me and he gets my sloppy pussy afterwards.

  • I want my wife to do this so bad!!

  • Bring it up to her but not in an pushy manner, a great way to bring it up is during your intimate time

  • My wife did something similar. We had always had this fantasy about her fucking another guy in front of me. Then one day she asked if I really wanted to watch her. I was kind of surprised, but said yes. That's when she told me this young guy had started at her work who was hot after her. He had a young wife at home and just wanted to fuck. All the attention excited my wife, but she didn't want to screw around on me, so figured she would bring it up this way. When I asked if she could be honest and only fuck him with my permission each and every time, she promises right away. I gave her permission to have sex with him that coming Saturday. She came home Sunday morning a different woman. She had a glow to her and she was soooo happy. She also fucked me like we have never fucked before. For a while she was having sex with him almost every night before coming home from work, but not so much anymore. She still has sex with him every once in a while. It had probably been 8 months since the last time they fucked, but she called me a couple weeks ago and asked permission. That's all she does when she calls, is just say "permission", and I say yes or no. I told her yes last time and she didn't get home till 1am. She still woke me up when she got home and ride me like a cowgirl.

  • Nice, honesty and openess are extremely important to make this work

  • I sure hope you’re working on a hot Milf for your wife to eat out while you fuck her in the ass
    Only fair

  • I like your thought process!!

  • She’s already fucking him behind your back, you know it deep down. The marriage is over once she got that young thick cock. Bet she has not let you fuck her since then...right?

  • No, she couldn't handle his girth and I've had her numerous times since

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