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I had a fantasy me wife and another lady like most men and got a thing for our darker ladies been married to an Indian lady sexy brown and earlier this year become friends with an ebony lady half my age but she likes ladies so I never would have fun there but she told me how like go with wifey and let me watch well something I enjoy but would wifey be up for it something we had chatted about over the years and wifey said curiously but never thought about doing well a few weeks back wifey was sitting on my lap and had low cut top on and younger lady friend was round said how nice wifey boobs looked in her top and firm she lucky woman wifey looked at her and open shirt pulled a boob free for me suck on and other for her so we both had little suck on a nipple wifey was ok with but that's all happened at that time but wifey said how like see lounger ladys piercings but in bathroom not in front of me so they walded bathroom was not gone long and wifey said yes she had 1 nipple and pussy lips I said not fair I like see but wifey said maybe 1 day she let well was my birthday last weekend and wifey was in shower walked out only in 1 my shirts and made a phone call telling me I best go have shower to so that I did and been in few min hear knock at door know wifey not ansker dressed as she was so I got out shower as next front door looked see who it was and called wifey saying our friend guess she say tell go away but instead told invite in but I said I just got out shower nothing on wifey laughter well tell her not to look so open door stuck head round it and said wifey in living room I was having shower so don't turn round and go straight into living room she walked into living room and did turn head having sneaky peek but anyway I went finn shower putting dressing gound on after walked into living room they was having drink wine and sitting on floor chatting seeing me come and sit on my chair was told come sit on floor next to them well me and wife had private joke that if she flashes her pussy that it should be taken as offer to be licked and asked if I had mentioned to our friend as she was only wearing shirt and sitting oppist our friend with her pussy on display to her I sais I'm sure I had at sometime in past she looked at me then at our friend asking if I had she replied that I had so I asked don't belive in our house rules then she smiled said yes but thought was joking well wifey now spread her legs wide saying well I'm flashing you so best get and follow rules but before did had get naked she did just that as wifey got up onto recling chair putting leg on each arm and sliding bum to edge so friend had easy access and was now kneeling if front wifey licking awawy so got her wet and gave first orgasm girl stood up smiling wifey said kneel on arms char get close to her and show if she had got wet and if had move closer and let her lick hers and both could try fondle each others breasts I moved around seeing wifey still there legs spread on arms chair so guessed I have some fun to and was licking wifey as she licked our friend this went on for little while but wifey stoped it saying was getting uncomfortable there so we stoped had another drink and wifey said to friend that she taken her bed room to do and hubby have watch so there the 2 girls friend on back wifey between her legs licking then slowly moving up her to be stradled across her face getting herself licked and our friend was just lying there legs spread so I moved closer guess I see if I get away given her a lick so that I did she not push me away or say anything thought I was going get in trouble when wifey tured around facing me now still getting licked waved me forward so could have kiss but surprise wifey reaced forward holding my cock now rubbing over friends pussy and guilded to her entrance putting its head there looking at me smiling letting me push slowley inside her she was not refusing just carried on licking and fondling wifey boobs wifey starting rubbing her clit as I slid slowly in her then when I had fully filled her with cock started slowly sliding out wifey lower herself pulling friends pussy lips wide so she could see and start licking her clit as I started moving inside agine feeling her wet juicy pussy as I slowly fucked and wifey lickedthis went on for little while when wiwey got up wand went to our lock draw removing a double dildo sliding half in her self and told me stop as she like try for why if friend ok with with she smiled said yes so wifey got on top and gave friend orgasm they lie there resting for while then frien said she wanted fuck wifey in her fav position happens be doggie so gave toy friend she put on move behind wife who was now bending over and got good hard fucking to orgasm they then lie there cuddling smiling looked at me and said well best watch this and kneel in front them and release wifey started by spreading her legs rubbing herself did not think friend join in but she to spread legs but instead rubbing herself reached over moved wifees hands to her pussy and she rubbed wife both watching till i was about release wifey wanted over her boobs so i did that then they cum two soon after we all lie there now cuddling

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