My glory hole

My man in my condo building has been coming to my glory hole for over a month straight now and I have really enjoyed having a regular guy to suck for sure. This week though a new guy responded to my ad and I had the best time giving an orgasm, his cock was average sized at about five inches but the head on it was really nice and round with a very pronounced edge. He is also someone who can be sucked on thru two orgasms and fairly verbal with moaning and plenty of praising.
I could easily swallow his whole cock and gave his balls a really great sucking as well, he came with quite the loud moan the first time and he tasted great which is always a big plus. I kept on sucking on him testing the waters to see if he would pull out but he stayed pressed against the door moaning out it felt awesome.
His cock went a little soft for a few minutes but started getting hard again and after about five minutes of sucking on him he told me that I was incredible and had no idea if he could cum again or not. I slowly sucked him hard and in long pulling head stretching sucks, he was letting out moans followed by little chirps of pleasure as his head popped out of my mouth. I guess I did that for a few minutes occasionally putting is cock all the way down my throat.
He began moaning out in this long low sound and I felt his second ejaculation filling my mouth, he was practically squealing as I sucked him hard and fast. When I finished his cock was still sticking straight out and he was pushed against the door telling me that this had been the best blow job session of his life. I told him to email me anytime and if I am available, which I am most evenings I will be glad to give him a blow job. Tonight was his third day in a row and he told me that he just cannot stop thinking about coming here after work everyday.

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  • I love sucking cock and swallowing their cum to please a guy

  • How do you have a glory hole in your building?? Where would it be?? I'm kinda confused.

  • About a decade ago i went to a sex shop that had video booths. i don't know what got into me because I had a good woman at home but we weren't happy. Anyway I went into a booth and just fed the machine with the door open and fully clothed until a crossdresser asked me what was I looking for. Again I'm not a bold guy, every relationship I had just sort of happened, but that night I said I needed head therapy. 'She' stepped in and sat down and told me to feed the machine to watch. I did but I wasn't looking at that. The head I got was AMAZING, maybe because it was taboo but when I blew, 'she' kept on going until there was no more. I wanted to rest and get my soul back, but it wasn't that kind of place. Since then I've had a few women and none of them have come close to that. I was thinking of finding someone here in NYC.

  • You shoulda backed your faggot ass up against that hole and let him blow a load of baby batter up your ass. That's what you guys really want.

  • I doubt he would want that over a great cock sucking. When I was young and married getting anything I wanted all the time I much preferred a great cock sucking even over intercourse.

  • Head is good, but I'd rather pound a nice tight ass.

  • Than you for what you guys do, it's because of you guys willingness to give pleasure that us married men get the head we don't get at home

  • Yes, I hear that sometimes from older guys in their 40-50's. The guy in my building enjoys it daily and still tells me quite often that he hopes I never move.

  • Excellent. Such a pleasure to please a man with your mouth, l love doing it too.

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