Son & Mother's 50th Anniversary


Today is the 50th Anniversary of my Mother and I starting our incestuous love life. together back on Sunday, September 6th, 1970. I was 14 and my Mother was 31. My Mother and Father had divorced two years prior and he wasn't around, and she didn't have a man in her life. We'd just got back home from Church Service and my Mother laid down for a short nap. I'd changed out of my "church" clothes and put on a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.

A few minutes later my Mom called me into her bedroom, and when I got there she was laying on top of her bed with her shoes kicked off. I stood at the foot of Mom's bed and couldn't help but notice that my Mother's legs were slightly spread and her knees were bent. I could see all the way up Mom's skirt: past the dark bands of the tops of her stockings and the white skin of her upper thighs, and up to her crotch where her panties should have been, but weren't.

My Mother was NOT wearing panties or a girdle under her skirt, just a garter belt and stockings!

My teenaged manhood was instantly hard. My Mother asked me to lay down beside her and give her a hug, which I quickly did, but avoided direct contact between my erection and my Mother's hip. That's when I noticed that my Mother's blouse was completely unbuttoned and I could see one of the lacy cups of her brassiere! We had hugged and cuddled like that many times before but my Mother's blouse had never been unbuttoned or her legs spread apart like that. It was all so new to me.

The next "new" thing was when my Mother told me get on top of her And hug her. So, I did. My Mother had to hike her skirt up to her upper thighs in order to spread her legs wide enough for me to get in between them. As I got on top of my Mother I looked down at her wide-open crotch and for the very first time I saw her furry womanhood. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. As I settled down on top of my Mother, she had me scooch around a little so my crotch was right on top of hers. My erection was lined up with her vagina lips like a hotdog in a bun.

At that time I didn't know what was going on, but my Mother sure did.

After a few minutes of hugging and cuddling like that, my Mother complained about the elastic waistband of my basketball shorts were irritating her stomach. Mom asked me to lift up a little bit, then she reached down and pulled my shorts and my tighty-whitey briefs down to my thighs, which released my fully erect penis. When I lay back down on top of my Mother, my manhood was firmly pressed against my Mother's furry womanhood, and right up against the warm entrance to her sexual heaven.

After only a few minutes of my Mother and I hugging and kissing and telling each other that we loved the other, the large swollen head of my teenaged erection was in between the plump lips guarding the entrance to my Mother's warm, wet vagina. Mom grabbed my rear end with both hands and slowly pulled me into her depths. In less than a minute my erect mating sword was completely buried in my Mother's mating sheath.

And then I started ejaculating a week's worth of my baby-making semen into my Mother's vaginal depths.

It was SO much better than masturbating! I didn't really know what happened but my Mother sure did. Mom kept me pulled all the way in her, all the while telling me how much she loved me and how much she loved hugging me like that, etc. I told my Mother how much I loved her and how much I loved hugging her like that and that I wanted to hug her like that three times a day, every day. My Mother laughed and said, "we'll see about that."

My Mother and I had just, sort of, made love in the classic "missionary" position, but I didn't know that at the time.

I stayed erect. By that I mean, after having just climaxed deep in my Mother's vagina, my penis stayed hard. My Mother started undulating her hips and doing little pelvic thrusts. All of which started stimulating my penis by making it move around and in-and-out of my Mother's tight, wet vagina. With my Mother's experienced words and touching, I started thrusting in and out of her, much to my Mother's satisfaction.

As I was thrusting into my Mother, she started breathing a little heavier and said, "Harder, Son." So I started thrusting my penis harder into my Mother's vagina.

Mom started breathing a little harder and moaning a little, and then blurted out, "faster, Robby! Fuck Mommy faster!"

I couldn't believe that my Mother just said the "F-word", but I started thrusting into her faster and faster!

I was on top of my Mother with my penis buried in the depths of her vagina, thrusting into as hard and as fast as I could when Mom started calling me "God", and begging me to "fuck" her and all kinds of other sex stuff I'd never heard of.

"Oh, my God, Robby! Fuck me, Son! Oh, God, Robby! Give it to me, Son! Fuck me! Give Mommy your cock, Son! Fuck my cunt, Honey! Oh, God, Robby! Fuck me! I'm Gonna... Oh, Robby, God! I'm Gonna... OH, FUCK!!!"

And then my Mother started screaming incoherently and writhing around, and her vagina started squeezing my penis! All of which caused me to start ejaculating my incestuous seed deep in my loving Mother's vagina for the second time in less than 10 minutes!

After another 25 or 30 minutes of hugging and cuddling, my Mother and I made love for the third time that day. After that, my Mother taught me about love and sex, including cunnilingus, fellatio, anal sex, and other carnal pleasures.

I always loved my Mother and made love with my Mother thousands of times, even after I married and my Mother re-married.

My Mother's second husband died of cancer on July 5th, 1987, and my Mother passed away just short of her 61st birthday on Memorial Day, 2000, of a sudden heart attack. We had no idea that there was anything wrong with her heat.

There was no autopsy, so no one ever discovered that at the time of her death, my Mother's stomach and vagina were filled with her loving Son's incestuous seed.

I miss my Mother and I'll always remember and honor her love for me and our times together.

I Love You, Mom!

Robert X. Smith
September 6th, 2020.


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  • Asheville, North Carolina. A sickening story played out after a mother went to temporarily live with her son and his wife and child. While residing at the residence, 45 year-old Melissa Nell Kitchens begun an illegal and morally reprehensible affair with her biological son.

    She now faces a felony charge of incest after warrants tell of her having had s*x with her son, 25 year-old Shaun Thomas Pfeiffer, back in August of this year. He was also charged. His charges being one count of the felony of incest, as well as charges including: indecent liberties with a child, being intoxicated and disruptive and communicating threats.

    Shaun’s spouse, Shannon Roman, was apparently oblivious to their affair and would often be sleeping in the couple’s bed while her husband paid middle-of-the-might visits to the guest room where his mother slept.

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  • The mother-son lovers each face up to 20 years in prison
    A Massachusetts mom and son pair have been charged with incest and could land in prison for up to 20 years, Mass Live reports.
    The alleged licentious wickedness took place at the Fitchburg, Massachusetts, home Tony L. Lavoie’s shared with his wife and 63-year-old mother, Cheryl Lavoie. It was the wife who caught her 43-year-old husband and mother-in-law in flagrante delicto on the living room couch on May 20.
    Shocked by the mom-son incest, the wife called 911 and summoned Massachusetts police. The mom and son were each charged with felony incest and issued a summons to appear in a Massachusetts court on August 20.

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