Mother in Law

On holidays with my wife and her parents in Albuferia a few weeks ago.
We were out several of the nights an one Tuesday night my wife decided to stay in and I said I would stroll down to the bar where her parents went for a drink after eating. My father in law did not stay long as he was tired so I stayed and had a few drinks with my mother in law.
We had a great laugh and we were both fairly merry. She is respectable and shy and began to loosen up.
Walking home we decide to ramble a little and wandered up narrow cobble streets. We stopped and she started telling me how lucky her daughter was and I was a nice guy, she was standing close and I started getting very horny and risky...
I touched her arm and she pulled me closer. It was not romantic it was nervous lust. She put her hand down my shorts and started walking my now rock hard cock. She pulled out her hand, spat on it and went back at it. We started kissing frantically and wild. She licked my face and neck and I shot a huge load into her hand. She pulled out her hand and licked it and slapped my ass and said let's get home...

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  • It’s just some ideal circumstances what’s needed for this, simular did happen to me but my mother in law was already a widow for years. A grandma in her sixties. We were alonone, she felt good, I felt good and a hug changed into long kissing and long kissing changed into great sex on the couch.

    Shame and regrets from my mother in laws side so it never happened again.

  • When I was 19 I made out with my girlfriend's mom a couple time. She was in her late 30's, a total babe. She liked an occasional highball, then get after me. Felt her big tits at will, but she'd remove my hand from her pussy, one time real slow. I'd grab her ass when no one was looking. It all started after she caught GF and I having sex. She then let us use the basement rec room, she didn't want us doing in my car. Couple times she walked in on us claiming she didn't think we in the act yet.

  • I'm pretty sure there will be more where that came from.

  • I call BS

  • Why?

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