Love to be tied outside

One of my biggest fetishes is to be tied up and left naked where I could be found by other people. Of course my wife isn’t into this, which is a huge frustration, but occasionally she will humor me. Several times now, after it gets dark outside, we go out in the back yard on either our deck or the patio. I strip completely naked in the house and turn around and she handcuffs my wrists behind my back. Then we step outside and either sit down with my back against the railing and get tied to it and my ankles tied together or I lie down on my stomach (hard to do when your arms are locked behind you) and get my ankles tied up behind me to the cuffs on my wrist in a hogtie. Then she goes in the house and leaves me there alone. For hours....
And I sit there, alone, being bitten by mosquitoes fantasizing about the neighbors finding me.

So far, nobody has found me.

Does anybody else get into this type of thing?

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  • Yes, yes. Would love this gagged and locked in a chastity cage. Totally helpless, oh yes!

  • Hasn't anyone seen you get sounds very erotica yes I have also wanted this done

  • My wife is into the same thing. Except she likes to be handcuffed to a tree in the woods across the street from our house while I drive around town looking for young guys to fuck her while I watch. The longest I've ever kept her out there is four hours, when I watched six different guys fuck her.

  • No, to each is own

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