Not as innocent as you plead

Been married for over 15 years and I still lust after the mrs. For many years she has been fully aware of my hot wife phantasy and have described in great detail about her getting double penetrated and bareback sex... we have even gone as far as to have been to swingers clubs. And although she is up for it, something has always come up.

Or so I thought I had my suspicions about her activities when I discovered her crutch less Brazilians and matching peep-hole bra were in the dirty laundry basket. And I knew she hadn’t had them on for me recently.

God it was such a turn on to see them in there, especially as they were covered in cum. I quickly found myself wanking in our closet whilst visualising her getting fucked.

I have it down to a T - when I suspect that she has been getting fucked as soon as she gets in the door I’m chancing my luck and - I give her no chance to jump in the shower before I’m having seconds on my dirty wife. Brilliant as I must look lemon

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  • You pour ,pour , full. Better watch out what you ask four. I wanted the same sort of thing for my wife. I told her and even encouraged her. She said know at first then she finally gave me. All was really great until we met Terry. He was a six foot two blonde haired blue eyed well toned sexy tanned younger fellow. He was also a good bit more well endowed than yours truly. At first we had sex together. Well more like I held her hand and also rubbed her as Terry had hot wife sex with her. Then she started coming home late from work saying problems at work were responsible.

    Next she told me she was going shopping with one of her girlfriends. I started to notice a change in her style of clothing and she was dressing up more often wearing sexy things under her everyday ensemble . That and she was wearing more perfume and taking long baths and she also shaved her privates. Something she didn't do before. Then little by little we stopped having sex as frequently until it stopped altogether. I waited for her one day after work. She left early and went straight to his apartment.

    Then my cell phone rang and she apologized but said they were having lots of problems at work and would be about two to three hours late. Well I new different. I didn't say anything about it. I was slowly being edged out of the relationship. Then one day I came home to a note on my pillow saying that she no longer loved me and was leaving me to live with a girlfriend. More lies. She had in fact moved in with mr. gorgeous. Yes Terry the hot hunk we hooked up with. We are currently separated and getting a divorce. But it's all my fault. I really didn't take in to account that she might or could actually fall in love with the person we allowed in to the relationship.

  • I know it works out well for some and I've also seen it go way bad as it did you.
    We have a couple that are very good friends with and that is how they got together. I sometimes wonder about the poor ex husband that got edged out.
    I've seen woman get talked into it and it really screwed with their heads. I've known of guys wanting to do this and when they see their wives actually fucking another guy have unexpected emotions of hurt and/or jealousy.

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