Sometimes my friends and I get together for lunch and where we sit is sort of like a square of park benches that we've pulled in together, it's all girls and enbys and we're all pretty close and talk openly about sex and similar topics. Normally I sit on my girlfiends lap (we haven't told anyone we're dating and we were pretty close before so the way we are around them isn't different) while everyone talks. Today tho she turned me around so I would straddle her but I didn't want to (I really wanted to but it felt rude with everyone there) so I ended up kinda straddling her with my legs to the side? After a while she stuck her hand up my shirt and kinda started feeling my tiddies up which felt great tbh but we were still with my friends who were all chatting and I dunno if they noticed. I don't think they could see anything cos I was facing towards her and and hugging. Outside perspective on this please 🙇‍♀️

2 months ago


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    • I'm guessing if you are sitting on her kap, they already know

    • Invite all the ladies for a sleepover

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