Husband Jealous After Learning Old Boyfriend Made Me Squirt

My husband and I have been married for 15 years. We both dated and slept with other people before we met. That’s never been an issue for him. A few days ago, my older sister and I were together and were sharing a bottle of wine. We got a little “tipsy” and somehow the conversation turned to “old boyfriends.” I didn’t even know my husband was in the house at the time. Well, my sister reminded me about a guy I dated just prior to meeting my husband. This guy loved to perform oral sex on me. He’d do it almost every time before we had sex. The guy was pretty “big” also and my sister started talking about that. I would have multiple orgasms when we were together. I’d often orgasm while he performed oral sex on me and at least once during sex (sometimes more). Sometimes when this guy would perform oral sex on me and I would orgasm, I would “squirt.” I didn’t even know what was happening the first few times it happened. I had to ask my sister about it. It turns out he was making me have a “female ejaculation.” They felt incredible. He was the only guy I have ever been with that made me cum like that (including my husband). This is what he accidentally overheard while my sister and I were talking. After she left that day, he confronted me about this. I know he’s jealous and it’s made him angry. My husband has wanted to perform oral sex on me several times since overhearing the story about my old boyfriend. I love when he does that for me. But, I have the feeling he’s only doing it because he wants me to “squirt” for him. It feels good. But, I never even orgasm when my husband performs oral sex on me, let alone “squirt.” Any advice from anyone for when your husband learns about a former lover and is jealous? Thank you! - Rhona

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  • My hubby has serious big cock envy.I was honest after he asked and told him my ex before him was over 9 inches.He always says while fucking me he wishes he was bigger,I tell him his cock is perfect and bigger ones hurt.He bought me a huge life like dildo and loves to use it on me or loves watching me use it on my pussy while he lays next to me and gets off.I think he's getting cuckold tendencies and to be honest I'm starting to miss getting fucked by a huge cock.Don't know where this is heading.

  • Your ex was better and seriously outguns hubby. That can't be helped.

    He should get over it. If not, it'll become an issue. Does he want that?

  • Hopefully with practice your husband will improve. Maybe the two of you could watch a video about pussy eating and blowjobs? Not that you need any help with blowjobs. So do you fake orgasms? You can't fake squirting, so your husband may become frustrated with his inabilities.

  • He needs to find your G spot and uses his fingers and that'll make you squirt.

  • It's best not to talk about past lovers if your current one doesn't match up. But you did, so love your husband, say he's doing great, and stroke his ego. You've shaken his confidence by blabbering too much, so build him back up again.

  • I would bend you over... gently lick your asshole and suck on your ass cheeks slowly making my way to your pussy. I would lick all around your pussy then gently suck on your clit while inserting my middle finger and smoothly rubbing on your G spot as I sucked vigorously on your clit until you bucked and exploded on my face. Then I would let you lay until you once again gained control before inserting my rock hard cock inside of you with your legs resting on my shoulder.

  • You are disgusting! - Rhona

  • I agree with the previous post in that you need to teach each other what and how to turn each other on to get the most pleasure out of each sexual encounter. Obviously he needs to learn how to make you squirt, and by the same token, you need him to teach you how to be his ultimate lover. Perhaps he has some secret desires or fetishes, but is too afraid to share them with you. Be honest and open with each other and be willing to try new things. This won't be a one time discussion's a learning experience the two of you share with each other over time.

  • Well what did the former lover do that made you "squirt"? If your not having an orgasm from oral from your husband tell him what feels good and guide him to giving you one. My husband was a serious loser when it came to sex when we first started having it. He would just jump right into it thinking some kissing and a little finger rubbing then intercourse would give me an orgasm. I need a really long foreplay session followed by intense licking and sucking to have a huge orgasm and he loves to do it but just did not know what I needed until he was taught how to do it.
    Whenever someone has opened up to me about lack of sexual pleasure with their partner one of the first things I ask them is have you told him or her about it and told them your needs?

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