Finally caught

I’ve been married to my wife for about 10 years. I’ve been cheating on her with a guy for about a year now. She refused sex for about 6 straight months prior to me hooking up with another man. She also wouldn’t allow me the privacy to masturbate.

It started off with him giving me blowjobs and then I would go back home. It was selfish but once I cum I lose all interest in sex. Then I got curious about sucking dick. So we would 69 and I’d make him cum first. He didn’t tell me when he was about to cum the first time and I’m glad because I would have not swallowed. Now it’s a favorite part. So I’d suck him off then he’d suck me off. Then we tried anal. He’s versatile so I tried fucking him but I wasn’t into it. Then I let him try fucking me. That was instantly the best idea. He loved it and so did I. Again he didn’t tell me when he was gonna cum and again I was glad because I would have chickened out. It felt so good. His cock got harder and throbbed as he emptied his load into my man pussy.

So for the better part of the last 6 months, we would go across the street to his house, get naked. We’d make out and suck each other. He’d fuck me and cum inside me then he would suck me off. We did this 2-3 times a week. The more he fucked me the more he wanted to fuck me and the more I wanted him to fuck me.

Couple weeks ago the wife went to her mothers house out of town because she was ill and needed to go to the doctor. So that Saturday, Greg came over. It was the 3rd time that week that we would have sex. We had sex about 9 pm. He slept with me in bed. Then about 6am I woke up to him spooning me. I could feel his hard cock between my butt cheeks. I positioned it and backed up on it. That woke him up. He pushed it all the way inside me and kissed the back of my neck. He said, “Didn’t get enough last night?” I said, “Good way to wake you up? Got another load in you?” He said, “May take a bit longer this time but yeah.”

So we started off laying side by side him fucking me from behind. Then went to doggystyle. He was behind me fucking me good. His balls slapping my ass with each stroke. Then the I hear, “What the fuck is this?” I turned around to see my wife standing at the bedroom door. I said, “Honey! You aren’t supposed to be home. What are you doing back?” She said, “Well, given present circumstances I’ll just tell the truth. Mom didn’t end up needing my help so I figured I’d just come home. So I walk in to see my faggot husband fucking the neighbor. And to think I was gonna give you your fantasy for your birthday (3some with another woman.) it figures you would be the bottom. I tell you this much. Next time my work friend hits on me, I’ll just take him up on his offer.”

1.1 years ago

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    • Let me know if your wife has started you on hormone treatments, turned you into her sissy girlfriend and shared you with her lovers.

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