White guilt experience: extreme humiliation

I have a close friend, C, who recruited me to join her for what she called a “white guilt experience.” I’ve personally never bought into the whole white guilt thing but C is a little more sensitive to it. She’s in her late 20s, I’m about 10 years older.

When I asked her what a white guilt experience was I couldn’t believe it. I’ve heard of white people allowing themselves to be led around on leashes by black people, and apparently a discussion about that between C and a black woman is how C plunged into this. At first C started cleaning the other woman’s house and doing errands for her. Then the woman gradually turned up the heat on her. She belittles C, and C keeps coming back for more. The woman, N, has even made C wipe her ass after she’s shit. And here’s the best part: C now PAYS her for the privilege of being belittled, doing her work, making her meals, and wiping her ass. She insists it is extremely rewarding and feels amazing to do all that. She compared it to other fees for experiences like escape room games and theme parks.

Anyway N recently told C if she could recruit another white friend, male or female, she had something extreme planned. She wanted to place two white people in a large dog crate and leave them there all day. She would be joined by two of her friends and they’d be able to pull us from the crate and use us for whatever they wanted. N assured C that while some of our uses may be sexually charged, we would not be expected to engage in actual sex. (I sort of laughed at this because I thought if they wanted to use me for sex why wouldn’t I let them?) anyway after some convincing I agreed to meet N with C. N is about 30, ridiculously fit, pretty hot. She has a confident and commanding presence and C was noticeably submissive when we met her. N was very pleasant to talk to as she explained what she wanted to do to us. She added it may be beneficial for C to have a friend because it wouldn’t be good for her to experience what she was going to experience alone.

Despite my better judgment I agreed and we chose a date for an approaching weekend. We would arrive at N’s home at 7 in the morning and the day would end a 7 that night (give or take). No formal contact was written but N assured us both that despite feeling belittled and humiliated we would reach the end of the day unharmed and be better white people for having experienced what we did.

The night before I spent with C. We’re FWB, and we had sex twice that night. She was really nervous and almost apologetic for getting me into this. When we arrived at the house the next morning N greeted us and was as pleasant as I remembered. She introduced us to her two friends, both black women about her age. One had a body almost as exquisite as N’s and the other was really fat. They were introduced simply as “our handlers” we didn’t learn their actual names. They were not pleasant at all, even intimidating, even for me. We also met a third woman, this one actually a white woman, also about 30. She had a lot of tattoos, and was a little intimidating in her own right. N explained she was there to observe and understand. Whatever that meant.

Anyway we were reminded this was a 12 hour experience and there were no “safe words.” We were given one last chance to back out, and when we both declined we were immediately devoured alive. N told us to strip down. We did. The handlers immediately began berating us. The fat one made fun of my penis size, the fit one berated C’s body. C isn’t fat, but she’s a little soft. And short. Big butt. She’s really cute, but doesn’t work out and the fit handler grabbed her by her stomach, pinching a bit of a stomach roll and dragged her around the room with it. The fat one slipped a dog leash on me and ordered me to drop down on all 4. I did and she led me around the room. After this hazing continued for about 45 minutes they instructed us to crawl into the dog crate. C went first and someone pushed me into her, burying my face in C’s ass. C farted in my face, I think from nervousness and surprise. Once she was in I crawled in after her and we curled up as best we could. Fortunately neither of us are all that big. I’m 5’7 and she’s 5’1 or so.

Once we were locked inside, N and the handlers just stood over us and mocked us a little. The white girl took some notes on her computer but didn’t say much. She looked like she despised us. The next hour or so was uneventful. It was mid morning when we were dragged out of the crate and ordered to make and serve breakfast. The fat one made me spoon feed her oatmeal. I felt bad for the food as she ate it. If I was food I’d have rather been eaten by one of the hot women in the room, not the fat one. The white girl served herself but C served N and the other handler. At some point someone put a dog leash on her too. After breakfast it was back in the crate with us and they all watched a movie the next room over. It was about midday when they came back into the room. So far I hadn’t felt anything was truly that awful. They were just getting started. The fit handler said she had to pee, so she stripped out of her leggings, carefully crawled on top of the crate and squatted down. C and I watched helplessly as she released a stream of warm yellow piss onto us. She must’ve been saving it all morning because I thought we were going to drown in it. N tossed her some tissue and she wiped her pussy and dropped the tissue down into the crate.

Everyone laughed and they left us. C apologized to me. But at that moment I realized I was glad I was there so she wouldn’t experience this alone. We lay there about an hour before they returned. The fat one explained as she unlocked the crate and tugged on my leash that she had been inspired by her friend but that the crate wouldn’t hold her weight. I swear she was easily 425 or more pounds. Someone, I can’t remeber of it was N or the other handler, laid a shower curtain on the floor. When I was out of the crate the fat one told me to lay down. She closed C back inside. I lay on the shower curtain as the fat one dropped her pants. The others watched, the white girl too. Fat handler berated my penis size again and squatted over me. Her friends encouraged her, echoing her size shaming of my penis. One of them said “Bury it.” It all happened so fast but when I heard that I knew what was about to happen to me. The fat one pissed on me, but as her stream of piss tapered off she farted and then pushed out a massive turd. It was huge. Easily twice as thick as my penis and quite a bit longer. She laid it down right on top of my penis and inevitably the size comparisons and shaming continued. She said that her poop was “part of me” the rest of the day and ordered me back into the crate. I carefully crawled back in and lay there with a massive poop from a massive woman sitting on me. C apologized again.

Late afternoon they pulled us out to make dinner. They handed me a gallon zip lock baggie and a zip tie and I had to cup it around myself and secure it so my penis and the fat handler’s poop stayed inside. They allowed c to wash her arms and hands and she served food. I cleaned up the shower curtain that had been left from earlier.

The last hour of the day passed uneventfully (considering the circumstances). Finally when the experience end time arrived N let us out of the crate and handed us a pack of baby wipes. C and I wiped each other down and used the zip lock baggie for the used wipes. I was instructed to clean the dog crate base tray in the shower then clean the shower. C was downstairs doing something else. When we were all finished c and I were allowed to get dressed. The handlers were still intimidating and so was the white girl. N was back to her pleasant self. She reminded us to please thank our handlers for taking such good care of us and we did.

I asked the white girl what she thought of what she had seen and she said she considered me and C to be less valuable than the pile of shit the fat handler dropped on me. Also we learned they wanted to use her as a recruiter of sorts. To scout out white people who are not only open to being treated that way but willing to pay for it. I tried to ask her another question but she shut me up and said betas who get pissed on and shit on have no business talking to alphas like her. N added “unless it’s to book another experience.” White girl nodded as she stared me in the face. She truly had contempt for me and C.

After that we left. C and I were starving (didn’t get fed at all the entire day) so we went for some dinner. Drive through: C’s hair still smelled like piss. She said she needed a “pick me up” after that and asked if I’d stay over that night. We got back to her place and cleaned up. We didn’t talk much, just watched a movie. We did have gentle sex that night.

The next morning we opened up about the experience. She said she’d do it again and asked what I thought. I said I would too.

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  • What was going through your mind as she shit on you? When she squatted down andnpositioned herself and then started? What were you thinking when you first saw her shit coming out of her?

  • It’s hard to describe. I actually didn’t hate what was happening to me though. I watched it come out of her, did sort of wish it wasn’t the fat one doing it to me, maybe one of the hot ones, but I didn’t have a say. I looked over at C at one point and she watched her face had this sort of apologetic look on it. We talked about it later and I assured her I was ok w it.

  • I would so do this! Maybe not the part where the fat girl shit on you but some of the other stuff definitely!

  • I have mixed feelings about that part. If I knew before we did it one of them was going to do that to me I don’t know if I would’ve agreed. In the moment I just went with it. Through the remainder of the day I actually enjoyed having that fat bitch’s shit on me.

  • I can’t even begin to imagine how nasty that would have been.

  • Sickest stuff I ever read on here

  • Out of curiosity what is the sickest part? The overall concept or what they actually did to us?

  • The whole thing is sick

  • Keep in mind it was entirely consensual. I know this may not be for everyone but if it was consensual I don’t see why people are so put off by it.

  • You paid someone to piss and and shit on you? Because you’re white and they were black?

    A fool and his money...

  • I’m almost afraid to ask, but how much did you and C pay for this?

  • It was $150 for each of us.

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