I got a happy ending at a spa weekend with my wife

Spa weekends are not my thing, but like all men I like a massage so I accompany my wife to these spas, look bored in the pool and pretend the 'treatment' was ok. Been on a few, all nice spa hotels never anything sexual ever. This time was different, waiting in dressing gowns ready to go in, and out comes two therapist, one huge unattractive one and a petite cutie. My fingers were crossed, I could not express preference but the huge therapist picked my wife and I got the cutie.
She had yoga pants and a fitted T-Shirt on and looked stunning. She said she would leave me to change, told me to keep underwear on etc, but then offered paper pants. Not had that before, so was itregued. I didn't say either way so she asked what underwear I had on, I said boxers and she said maybe go for the paper pants in case the boxers covered my legs.
It took paper, it was like a paper man thong, covered very little.
I layed on the table with a small towel over my bum. She started on my back and my god it felt good. As she moved her leg brushed my arm and it was turning me on, I wanted to touch her. She moved to my legs and went surprisingly high, she asked me to say if she was uncomfortable, and her hand went under the towel and to my ass cheek. I said she could remove the towel if she wanted but she said it was against the rules. I said ok, but then she said she would move it, and it went right up my back, and I got a full ass massage, not expecting that.
Then I turned over, chest, legs etc, towel in place, but her hands on my thighs made me a bit hard. I apologised she said don't worry, but she kept going so it grew to a little teepee. I said I was embarrassed, and asked her not to tell my wife, then I felt it pop out the paper pants. I had to tell her, so I could pop it back. I expected her to turn round but she lifted the towel off and it was right there. I tried to get it back in the pants but they were too small and started to rip. She told me to take them off and put the towel back over. After a short time she said there was not long left and did I need some alone time, she would leave me too it and not come in. I wasn't sure what she actually meant, so said I wasn't sure it would go down. Then she asked if I had money, I said yes, and she said we must be quick. She oiled her hands and my cock and started wanking me off. I asked if I could touch her ass, she said no, I said it would help she relented and I grabbed her pert little ass, I tried my luck and put my hand down the back of her yoga pants, shortly after I sprayed my load in to a waiting tissue she had.
She got rid of it and told me no time to wait, go find her a tip. I rushed to the changing room and got £30, she seemed happy and then I left just in time to meet my wife, her ask how it was and me say, 'it was ok'
In reality it blew my mind

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  • That’s awesome, I did that too with my husband, but I had a very handsome gentleman give me more than a massage. And then I swallow his load, and went back out to meet my hubby like nothing happened. But we did go back to the same spa for awhile, and I got my massage

  • Is that a happy ending for you or him, sounds like you did the biggest favour sucking the therapist off, do you enjoy sucking cock did that add to the experience.
    I hope to go back to the same spa but I doubt I can without my wife and what's the odds of getting the same girl and the same service, more of a dream I think

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