Wife WTF

Been thinking about asking my wife to fuck another dude in front of me for a long time. The other night I get enough balls to tell her I have a fantasy I want a try. So I lay thos on her about watching her fuck some dude while I enjoy the show. She gets quite not saying a word so I think she pissed at me. No, instead she asks me who I want her to fuck. Honestly I hadn't thought that far ahead so I tell I don't care. That's when she says she can fuck the dude at her hair salon. I'm like I thought he was gay, and that's when she confessed to fucking him already. So now I'm pissed but she is like you wanted me to fuck him and now you're pissed. So I'm like I didn't know you was all kinds of up on his dick already. So she be like what's the difference? Now I'm like what is the difference.

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  • Your wife is at least 2 steps ahead of you , as you said she already fucked the guy , so why not let her fuck him in front of you. i don't see your problem , she is willing and she has a guy picked out. If you don't agree to go along with this, she will fuck him behind your back , which she already did.

  • How did she end up fucking the guy at her hair salon?

    If it was on a camping trip, l recall another confession on here about a gang bang you may want to ask her about.

  • I love watching my wife being fucked by other men. Then getting the sloppy seconds

  • Could be worse. You could have told her your fantasy and she could have gotten pissed and started a fight about it. You want her to fuck other men and she's obviously willing to. I'd love to watch my wife fuck another man

  • I find this rather telling:

    'I hadn't thought that far ahead.'

    You've also said you don't care who she does. So yeah. The guy who does her hair.

    You've wanted this for a long time. Obviously, so has she. Communication is lacking here.

  • The difference is that she didn't get your permission or give you a show.

  • This^

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