Virgin wanting to get fisted

Im a virgin but i have masturbated with a toothbrush before. I eventually want to get stretched out to the point where i can get fisted. How do i start stretching my pussy because whenever I try to to use anything thicker than a toothbrush it hurts. Any advice? Thanks!

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  • When I lost my virginity I was 12 years old. I was masturbating but never put anything in my puss, I was a true virgin. The man that I had sex with my first time had a very large penis, It felt like he was going to split my pussy apart. It was painful at the beginning, then gradually the pain went away and it became pleasurable. My point is, your pussy will stretch to accommodate the biggest penis with some pain, but it feels amazing to be stretched around a big thick cock.

  • I started with cucumbers and then started buying dildos when they were too small. I'm up to 3.25" thick dildo. I stretch my ass mostly.

  • This has turned into a pretty funny post with the answers below. I also started around middle school and used a hair brush handle first but progressed to other things like bananas and veggies. I still do and one of the most crazy things that I did with my husband one night after a few wines was trying to find things to put in me. He was very creative and we had a great time but the biggest turned out to be the bed post on the footboard of our bed, he was amazed when I finally lowered myself down on it and made it down to the first ring feature on it. The top of the post is easily as big around as his fist and he had a great time putting that in me afterwards.

  • You cannot fit anything larger than a toothbrush? My first time masturbating with an object was a cucumber and I was in middle school, trust me you can fit something larger than a toothbrush in you.

  • I agree. I started masturbating at 13 and I could fit an aersol can inside me

  • Well before loosing my virginity I could squat easily on my my karaoke microphone.

  • Start buying a collection of progressively thicker dildos and even a very large butt plug. You will stretch the more you work up.wish I could be the first to pop my fist inside your pussy and ball my fist inside you so when I pull out the way your pussy pulls right around my wrist

  • Honey, keep your pussy tight for that first cock, then build up to fisting after you have been getting banged for a while. You are trying to start at a finish line.

  • Well put!

  • Tight pussy”s are better then lose ones

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