My girlfiends BFF

First off my girlfriend is bi and her bff is her playmate. The have no issues getting it on in front of me. My girlfriend always sends me nudes of her bff and says her bff wants to have a 3 sum with us. Its been set up a couple of times but my girlfriend has always turtled. Thing is I want to fuck her bff so bad. She is always talking sex, has no limitations from what I have been hearing from her. No my girlfriend says she doesn't like when her bff spend time together. She must sense we want to fuck each other. Her bff has seen my cock several times in all facets from totally flaccid to a raging hard on. I was thinking of offering her bff a masturbation session where we masturbate together and watch each other get off. My question is that considered cheating?

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  • If your g/f isn't there, and doesn't know about it, yes, it's cheating. Hope this clears up things for you, grasshopper.

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