Adopted son and spinster mom in bathroom.

She definitely knew i had been watching her for years because she would always say i must go and wash my face,when she said this even at 8 yrs i would follow her down hallway and go to my room to watch.Always saw her nice full bare bottom even at 46,standing at sink soaping her pussy and listening to the squelch of her rubbing.When i was 16 and in the kitchen one day she said its all right to be aroused son so dont worry.She obviously knew i stained bed sheets.
Mom was 54 when i was still watching her but one day my arousal was too much to bare.I stripped off in my room walked in behind her when she only had her short slip on and started to massage her shoulders while rubbing my throbbing cock against her hips.All that was said there and then was Oh son thats nice,i then knew it was time to give her what we both wanted.
She actually bent over the sink,reached round and guided me inside her wet pussy.I lifted up her slip to her shoulders and held it there while i watched her hips quiver with every thrust.Only thing she said was isnt that better son.Basically i rid the arse off her there and then which resulted in her having multiple orgasms and me ejaculating twice inside her.God it was soo hot and nothing else was said.
Next day though there was no peeking, she shouted on me from her bedroom and upon entering i found her on top of the duvet completely naked and fingering herself. Immediately i got stripped and mounted her and gave her a good servicing.She started to teach me oral and everything else.We would fondle and suck each other everywhere.When we were alone we would sometimes close blinds in lounge,strip off and hug,kiss,fondle and then fuck each other.Being a spinster she was mad for it,she even turned over on the carpet floor and introduced me to anal.Definitely different but i loved it because i gripped those hips of hers tightly as i pounded her bottom satisfying.Our sex went on for years,it was simply pure lust with no respect.

3 months ago

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