How young would you go if you could ?

Question to both men about girls and women about boys.

Please state if you are male or female



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  • Wow you’re all fucked up

  • Bi male here, I'd go 19 yo girl / boy.

  • Male. If i could find a girl 9 or 10, just had her first ovulation so i could time it to make sure she has my baby in her belly before she ovulates again. The youngest i've managed to fuck so far is 11, but the youngest i've manage to impregnate had just turned 12 a few weeks before.

  • Your one real sick puppy, piss off with this stupidity

  • It's a good question! And a question that deserves an answer.

  • If anyone wants to talk about anything that includes your darkest confession or a fetish you have or your sex experience or something you want done to you that you fantasize about my instagram is Luciferspussii and my email is I won’t judge you I just enjoy hearing what people have to say‼️

  • ORIGINAL POSTER HERE - If you are uncomfortable to talk about it here, that is very understandable especially if you are a woman. So you can email me at and confess about it. I am a woman who likes boys that are very young people so I wish to hear from others like me. Guys can email me too but only about the topic. Pease don't try to hook up with me because I am not looking for dates. I am married. I wish to know from women and men the youngest age boy or girl they would enjoy if given the chance. In your email message please give your gender and age

  • Sorry for the typing error. I meant to write that I am a woman who likes boys that are very young, preferably 13 and below

  • Im A guy of 61 now but many many years back when I was about 10, 11 of age I was sent to my Grandparents well My Mum went away with her new Fella for a weeks holiday as he just did not want me around he was a bully and a prick !! I overheard a conversation he was telling my mother a few weeks before that he only wanted to go away with her !! The Bitch did not even stick up for me I knew from day one when she brought him home after a night out about 2 mounts before the holiday I was still Up just watching TV Mum said hi sweetheart is everything been ok I went to answer her back and I see the look in the Guys eyes he did not like me or want me around and before I could answer her back or she introduced me to him or him to me he just spoke up and said to my mum fuck this if i knew your Kid was still up I would not of come back!!! lol weak mother took his side and just said Sorry to him and wait!! lol so then she said to me Baby you have to go to your room now and sleep as this is my friend Bill and he needs to talk to me in private ok. lol she thinks I'm stupid and don't know what she and he really wanted as Iv started getting feelings and was getting interested with Girls and reading books and naughty mags and talking to me mates lol But I just went up to bed and left them to it!!! I knew from that day He did not like me and I did not lie him anyway Mum was weak to him so i stayed out of the way I was out with my Friends or just stayed in my Bedroom !! sorry back to the story of when I had my 1st ever real sexual contact with the opposite sex and it was with my own 54 year Old Grandmother my Mothers Mother When I was over there house for that Week :-) sorry if this as shocked anyone But it happened and a few times after But I grew up Ok and no one ever found out or hurt i loved all of it and dont blame anyone -)

  • Tell us what happened with your grandmother. Why wouldn't you grow up ok? It's quite common to have sexual experiences with a family member.

  • 11 little girls are my favorite. Mmmm bald prepubescent pussy. God cum inside as much as you want. Can't get her pregnant.

  • Im 22, would love to have with man over 50

  • Hello 22-year-old I'm an Older Guy of 61

  • I’m 63 male and I would go as young as the 20’s. I see porn pics of teens and they don’t do anything for me.

  • 42 male, I’d like to look only at a naked 6yo girl while I masturbate, But I’d love to touch a 12yo girl

  • Sorry original poster again. Please state your age, gender and what is the youngest age you would like

  • Original poster. Please state your age, gender, and what is the youngest age you would like to do?

  • What's the matter? Not getting enough sick fuckers to feed your fetish? Go kill yourself, you scum sucking POS.

  • It's interesting to see what the opinion is. Whether you agree with it or not is a different question. So, put your opinion on this post rather than just insults because it's makes you look uneducated. Give reasons why you disagree. I personally think puberty should decide someone's readiness for sex not age. Puberty is the natural indicator for the ability to have sex.

  • Well for starters there is a reason age of consent is 17 or 18. Because sick fucks like you coerce little kids into doing sick things. Kids are gullible you dumb motherfucker, and they don't know what they are agreeing to, but you're too fucking stupid to understand that, instead you call me uneducated. That may be, but at least I'm not a retarded sick fucking pedophile like you. I hope you get caught and spend the rest of your nast shit life in some prison where a big black guy calls you honey and rapes your asshole till you die. Then I hope you spend eternity in hell where many big black men continue to rape your asshole. You are a sick excuse for a human being.

  • Still using insults which I think shows lack of class. I wouldn't have sex with anyone below the age of 16 and when I was 24 I had a 4 month relationship with a girl who was 16, which is legal in my country. But I do feel the age of consent is unrealistic and most people have had sex before the age of 16. I'm not saying it's right but it's a reality. In Brazil the age of consent is 14 and I feel this is a more realistic age of consent.

  • Can an adult over 21 have sex with a 14 year old there ?

  • Not sure. All I know is the age of consent is 14 and what I read didn't say anything else so there is a strong possibility that is ok.

  • And I feel like you are a sick motherfucker who needs his asshole ripped up by some dude in prison. Which is where people like you belong.

  • Nope, I'm just a realist

  • No, you're a sick motherfucker. Anyone who looks at children in a sexual way needs to have their fucking head examined. There's a reason people like you belong in prison. You pray on innocent children and rob them of their childhood. You and every other child molesting pedophile needs to be hung by the neck until dead. And that is REAL. YOU SICK MOTHERFUCKER.

  • It depends what you class as a child.

  • Exactly!!

  • I've seen 14 year olds with the most amazing bodies! Great tits and tight arse and I think to myself how are they not ready for sex?

  • Original poster here - Any woman care to comment ?

  • Im 62. I have went as young as 12 though my lowest normal age for full sex including anal is 15. Its amazing the amount of young girls as young as 11 some of them who are willing for very minimal reward to consent to full intercourse with men old enough to be their fathers or grandfather. Any other men my age find this to be the case?

  • I really hope you use a VPN because the cops are about to knock on your door what the fuck is wrong with you.

  • You need to be put in a cage with the father's of these 13 year old children and let them beat you like the fucking animal you are. If by chance you survive, then you need to be castrated. Dick, balls, everything gone.

  • I'm male 43. I would go as young as
    a 13 (female) if it was legal.

  • Male, 40, I never did it, which pisses me off towards my deadbeat father and overprotective mother, I hate them both so much. But if I had to go back in time, I would choose 17 years old for me, since that would have been the year before I go off on my own with no deadbeats holding me back.

  • Well I like MILF, sooooo 30

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