I just love summer

I just love summer.

I'm a 50-something singer-songwriter (married) who performs in local coffeehouses and clubs. It's this time of year when the local hotties turn out to either watch me perform or perform themselves at an open mic. I'm always so fucking turned on by their short-shorts and OBSCENELY short skirts. I've always been a leg (and ass) man, so I do take the liberty of sneaking photos of these sweet young things with my cell phone.

Isn't technology grand?

I particularly thrill to the college girls and 20-somethings who climb on stage with their guitars and little ukuleles, planting themselves up on a bar stool in skirts that barely cover their bottoms. I could give a shit about their music. All I care about is their beautiful legs seem to go on for miles in this position. Sometimes I can see their crotches. With or without panties, but either way is such a turn on for me.

Say cheese, please.

So I sneak my photos and spend a lot of time in the bathroom in between performers, shooting huge loads over fantasies of fucking these young sluts senseless.

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  • Send me the pics, tommyboy2610@aol.com

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