My wife's brother-in-law

My wife's sister and her are very close and they decided to have a double wedding! We even went to the same place for out honeymoons! No kinky stuff, just hung out together for a few meals and some sightseeing. In the process I discovered that I had a lot in common with the "other groom".

We both liked professional sports, bowling, fishing, camping and other such things. The wive's did not. They would eat fish we caught, but were not interested in catching and cleaning them. As for Super Bowl Sunday. That was just a chance to hang around the kitchen and gossip with the other wives and girlfriends!

Spring fishing season was approaching and we boys were making plans for opening weekend. We had each put in for a couple days vacation at work, and had gotten a small cabin at a resort on the hottest fishing lake around.

On the appointed day I picked him up at his house right after work and we drove to the lake. We hit the sack early so we could be on the lake when the sun came up and fishing season started.

It was a very eventful day. We both limited out with very nice, large fish and we were sitting on the cabin porch watching the sun set behind the distant mountains, enjoying our second or third beer and swapping tales of past fishing trip, past girl friends, and various sexual escapades.

Suddenly he said, "I'm so horny I could suck a cock!"

"Really?" I said and I reached over and put my hand on his leg, just a friendly gesture.

"Yes," he answered, and moved my hand to his crotch where I could feel his hardon and then reached over and put his hand in my crotch. I wasn't hard but I was quickly getting that way!

"Finish your beer," he said, as he tipped his up. I quickly followed. Then as if on cue we both stood up and walked into the cabin and lay down on one of the beds facing each other. It wasn't long until we had our clothes off and were 69ing, hungrily sucking each others cock.

Ever since that weekend we have taken every chance we could get to be where we could suck each other off, even going so far as going out into the garage to suck each other while the women were watching some soap opera on TV. We have never told the girls about this and never will!

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  • How putrid

  • Get over it, this is more common than you think.

  • No it's absolutely putrid

  • Absolutely! My cousin and my brother are both involved in this type of arrangement. In one case the wives know and approve, in the other they have no knowledge or suspicion.

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