Skater Girl

I was out the other day and i stopped and parked next to a skate park. It was quiet and i sat on the edge of a ramp and was just mucking around on my phone for a while. After a bit a young girl, i guessed 16 or 17 came along.
She politely asked me to move to one side so she could ride around on the ramps and stuff. I watched her for a bit as she rode around.
She was cute. Long blonde hair, small body, maybe 5 foot or so. Slim and wearing a pair of knee length skate shorts and a white singlet top. I could see she had a white bra on under the singlet which showed through.
I started giving her a few compliments and cheers for her tricks. She came over after a bit and we chatted. I flirted with her, telling her she looked good on the bike, her tricks were cool and even that hr boyfriend must love watching her do the tricks. She flirted back a bit and asked why i was there. I told her to get away and some quiet. She rode a few laps on and off during our chatting.
Not planned, but almost 2 hours later we were in the back seat of my car, her sitting over my lap, legs spread wide, her shorts on the floor. My hands under her top, playing with her breasts still in her bra. I really should have stopped it, but she was so cute and i hadn't been with any girl for almost a year. I pulled my hands out of her top and held her hips tight, thrusting my cock into her pussy.
We were fucking for maybe 5 minutes when i meant to say in my head, "wow, i can't believe i'm fucking a 16 year old girl". She quickly spoke up, making me realise i said it out loud and advised she wasn't 16. I apologised and said "17, sorry". She again corrected me and said she was only 14. Again, should have really stopped, but i just gave a final couple of thrust and sunk balls deep in her and blew probably the largest load of my life into her. Knowing i was unprotected i just kept squirting my loads in. I reckon i must have squirted 6 or 7 times in her pussy before she really stopped herself.
She freaked out a bit and said i shouldn't have done that and that she is not on any pills herself. I was already getting hard again with her saying that. I held her tight and spent another 20 minutes with my arms wrapped around her waist, holding her tightly as i worked up another orgasm and pumped another few spurts of seed into her tiny pussy. She was relaxed and ok by the end.
I let her go and told her i really hope we fuck again soon. She smiled and left. I didn't even tell her that she just let a 36 year man fill her with baby makers, but i do hope she comes back again.

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