Crossdressing question!!

today I crossdressed for the first time my gf went out and I had the house to my self this morning, I was just freshly out the shower looking for my clothes when I decided to wear my gfs clothes instead because I was pretty turned on by the fact of wearing her clothes, i was wearing her fishnets with her yellow panties and a yellow top of hers i also tried on her heels but they were way too small but anyways i couldn't help but to bend down infront of a mirror to look at my own ass in the air, I have to admit if i could find a way to not show my male face I would so fuck my self, I took some pictures of my ass in fishnets and panties if any one wants to see them to give me some pointers on looking more feminine and girly body wise or to just masterbate to them and say what you would do to me just leave an email below

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  • I caught my mom trying on some of my clothes. I asked her what in the hell she was doing, when she confessed she was bi-sexual. She wondered what she'd look like in a man's clothing. I snapped a couple pics real fast and told my mom if she didn't put out, I was going to show them to my dad.

    She stood there in shock for a few seconds before asking me what I wanted. I told her I wanted to watch her take off my clothes and then lay on my bed naked. She did as I said and I also undressed as I watched my mom disrobing. Seeing her naked body make my cock jump to life growing rock hard.

  • So do you want to get fucked?

  • No i just enjoyed my own view on my ass, fuck no i dont want to hey fucked 😂 im cool from that

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