Robyn the Babysitter - Part 1

It’s Wednesday night.

My wife, Cristie, and I walked our eighteen year old babysitter, Robyn, to the front door. Robyn has shoulder length chestnut hair, blue eyes, and average shape for a eighteen year old. Cristie and I adore her, as she’s been a great sitter. But for the past two weeks, we’ve noticed that Robyn has gotten a little flirty with us.

Like she does an all sitting gigs, Robyn wears a button down sleeveless blouse, with blue jean shorts, and flip-flops.

“Thank you, Robyn,” Cristie, my wife, said giving Robyn a hug.

“Your welcome,” Robyn replied. “Call me when you need me again.”

Cristie glanced at me with a smirk. “We will.”

Robyn and I left the house and walked to my restored four-door 1965 Chevy Impala. I always pick Robyn up and take her home after using her as a babysitter for our daughter. This saves her some money for college.

I backed my Impala down the driveway and drove off. Robyn immediately kicked off her flip-flops and placed the heels of her feet on the dashboard. I don’t complain because I have a foot fetish and love taking glances at her feet. She doesn’t use nail polish and keeps her nails trimmed. I’ve noticed how her big toes and the next two toes are about the same size.

“So, Robyn, you never told Cristie and I if you have a boyfriend,” I asked being curious and sneaking a glimpse of her feet on the dashboard.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, just a guy I date on occasion,” Robyn said.

“That’s cool.”

“Yeah, we meet when I’m horny,” she added.

I was surprised to hear Robyn state that, but again, she’s been flirty with Cristie and I for the past two weeks. I wondered if I should ask more private questions. I debated for a couple of seconds. “Do you get horny very often?”

“Everyday. Mom put me on the pill, so I wouldn’t get pregnant,” said Robyn.

“That’s good,” I replied. “But with guys, you can always give them a handjob and blowjob,” I added.

“I do love sucking cock,” said Robyn. "And watching a cock shoot out cum."

“Wow. I wish I was eighteen again,” I said. "I would love to play with you!"

"I don't care if you're eighteen," Robyn said and ran the tip of her tongue all around her moist lips.

“Do you want to suck my cock?” I blurted out.

“I thought you would never ask,” replied Robyn. “Turn down that dirt road up ahead to the right. There’s a clearing for parking, and making out,” she said.

I turned down that dirt road and followed it to a clearing. We were the only cars there tonight. I turned off the engine.

I undid my lap seat belt and scooted closer to Robyn.

Robyn placed her feet on the floorboard then undid her lap seat belt. I leaned over and kissed her. Our kiss quickly turned passionate. She sucked on my tongue, and I sucked on her tongue. Our tongues rubbed against each other.

While we kissed, Robyn reached over and rubbed the crotch of my pants.

We stopped kissing. “Mmm, I can feel that you’re very happy to be with me,” Robyn said.

“Oh, I am,” I replied.

Robyn undid my belt then pulled down my zipper. I helped her pull my pants and boxer briefs down.

I was so excited about being with a eighteen year old, that my cock was rock hard when my pants arrived at my shoes.

“Mmmm, you are excited about being with me,” Robyn said holding my hard shaft in her right hand. “Do you have blonde pubic hairs?” she asked while lightly stroking my cock.

“I do.”

“Sweet,” Robyn replied then she went down on my cock.

“My cock feels so good in your warm mouth,” I softly moaned, and glanced down seeing Robyn’s head bob up and down on my cock. “A eighteen year old’s sucking my cock!” I called out with joy in my head.

Robyn’s head bobbed up and down on my cock.

“Oh, Robyn, you’re a good cocksucker!” I called out.

Robyn replied with a muffled moan from a mouth full of cock.

Robyn sucked on my cock for another minute. “Honey, I’m ready to cum,” I warned her.

Robyn kept sucking, then she created a tight seal around the head of my cock, and stroked the shaft with her right hand. I knew what she wanted.

“AHHHHH!” I loudly grunted and arched my back, and my cock began spurting globs of cum into Robyn’s mouth.

Robyn kept her mouth around the head of my cock accepting my load. I was done. Robyn removed her mouth off my cock. She looked at me and swallowed.

“That’s was great,” I said.

“Want to kiss me?” Robyn asked.

“Sure!” I replied and leaned in and kissed Robyn. My tongue probed inside her mouth and found some of my cum she didn’t swallow.

“The guy I’m dating, Brett, would never do that,” Robyn said.

“I love doing that with Cristie.”

“Cool,” Robyn replied then she reached under her blue jeans shorts. I watched while she pulled down her panties and removed them. She placed her feet back on the dashboard. “Finger fuck my twat,” Robyn demanded. She moved her shirt up exposing her patch of black pubic hair.

I moved closer to her, and reached down with my left hand ran my fingers through her pubic hairs. Then I moved my fingers down feeling the folds of her twat. I found her tway opening and pushed the tip of my middle finger inside. She was wet and the finger went deeper.

“Mmmm, almost like having a cock in my twat,” Robyn softly moaned.

While I finger fucked her twat, Robyn reached down with her left hand and rubbed her clit with her fingers.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Robyn repeatedly moaned.

Robyn’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Her moans were louder and louder. She frantically rubbed her clit. The tip if my finger found Robyn’s G-spot. I rubbed it.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Robyn called out while I rubbed her G-spot.

Then Robyn’s legs shook. Her toes curled. She arched her back raising her ass cheeks off the seat. “AHHHH” Robyn yelled having an orgasm. I kept rubbing her G-spot and she kept rubbing her clit.

Robyn’s orgasm subsided. She was out of breath. The car windows were steamed.

I pulled my finger out of her twat, and she removed her fingers of fher clit. “That felt so fucking good,” said Robyn.

I scooted back to the driver’s side. Robyn placed her feet on the floor board.

She reached down and picked up her panties then rubbed her pussy with it. “Here’s a souvenir,” she said tossing her panties over to me. They landed in my lap.

“Thanks,” I replied then started the Impala, and drove out of the clearing, back down the dirt road, then to the main road. I ensured the middle finger of my left hand didn’t touch the steering wheel. I was glad it was dark outside, because it looked like I was driving giving people the finger.

“Robyn, I’m hoping we can have some more fun in the near future?” I asked.

“We better,” Robyn replied.

My eyes widened. “Listen, this Friday, I’m taking my daughter to spend a week with her grandparents. They live two hours away. If you want, you can come over Friday night, say around seven? For some more fun?” I offered.

“Friday night?” said Robyn then she paused. “Will Cristie be home?”

“She will.”

Okay. I’d love to come over,” Robyn replied.

We did idle talk during the rest of the drive to her home.

She got out of my Impala agreeing to text me on Friday evening.

I drove home giving the finger and taking occasional glances of Robyn’s panties in my lap.

I got home and parked the Impala in the garage. I grabbed Robyn’s panties with my right hand and went inside. I was ever so careful to make sure I didn’t touch anything with my left middle finger.

“I’m home, Cristie,” I called out.

“What took you so long,” Cristie asked when I entered the kitchen.

“Here,” I said handing her the panties.

“Whose panties are these?” she asked with a smile.


“Oh, did you fuck her?”

“No, I finger fucked her pussy,” I said holding my the middle finger of my left hand. “While she rubbed her clit. And that was after she gave me a blow job.”

“Sweet! Did she swallow?”

“She did,” I said then walked over to Cristie.

“This is the finger I finger fucked her cunt with. I made sure I didn’t touch anything,” I said then ran that finger under Cristie’s nose.

“Smells like cunt,” she said then sucked on that finger. “Tastes like cunt,” she said.

“She rubbed her panties on her cunt,” I said handing Cristie, Robyn’s panties.

Cristie smelled the crotch of Robyn’s panties. “Sweet!”

“And, I invited Robyn over on Friday night for some fun,” I said.

“No kid at the house. Nice!” Cristie said.

Cristie and I got ready for bed. We watched TV for an hour then turned off the lights.

Then I heard some movement from Cristie’s side. I glanced at her noticing she was on her back, hand down her panties rubbing her clit. “I want to eat your cunt, Robyn. I want to eat your cunt, Robyn,” Cristie repeatedly moaned.

A minute passed. “Ahhhh!” Cristie softly grunted having an orgasm.

She pulled her hand out of her panties and cuddled in my arms. We were asleep in ten minutes.

Apr 25

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