I fantasise about having a f*ck fest with my hubbys family.

I just got married a few months ago, and we often have family dinners with my husbands parents and brother, his wife, and his two sisters and their husbands. And last time we had then over, all the men were sitting in the lounge watching TV. And I just had this thought ,of having sex with them ,all of them... together now I can't stop fantasising about it. Whenever I see my husbands brother or his dad, I can't help but flirt nd show off my body. But my husband doesn't even like me dressing a bit provocatively around them.

1 month ago

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    • I fucked my husbands brother and a couple others in his family. I got a charge out of it. However it was not all that thrilling. Ah but there was one exception. I loved fucking his father. Daddy had a big cock and he knew how to use it.

    • How often did you do it? Did hubby get to fuck anyone in your family?

    • I married into an incest orgy family. But I did not know till the wedding night. It was all normal but then my new wife was dancing with her dad, well soon enough they were kissing on the lips and making out. Then her brother and mom started to make out….well then I took my new wife and went upstairs and her dad followed, then we all got naked and had sex. Seeing him in her, kissing her got me hard….so I walked up from behind and fucked his ass till I cummed in him.

    • Nice

    • Tell us more.did you ever fuck her mom? What nationality is wife?

    • Italian, all of them. You get an Italian women all revved up….she’s gonna go off. She could not get enough of her dads cock. He’s 65 and he loaded her up with cum and I loaded his as with my cum.

    • I am full blooded Italian. My last Italian gf was gorgeous with H cups!
      Anthonytaormina1959 gmail. Lets swap stories
      Ps. I am 63 and still loaded lol

    • Just start being a big flirt and hug them and text them and see what they say about you texting and flirting with them and then you should try a little more than hugging them,
      If they don't get scared or freaked out about it then sneak in a few kisses and work your way to touching and then you will know what to do from there and the rest is sexual pleasing and satisfying fun

    • I could tell when the male members of my family met my future flirting wife, that they were immediately attracted to her. I could also see the feelings were mutual, even when I told her that they were all married! Though married, I was always having her dress conservatively around them, as I could see them studying her body. It’s hard to hid great legs, ass and 38DDD Tits for long. When she would tell me how cute my brothers were and how sexy she finds my dad, I knew she would be more than welcomed into the family. Once she bent over to lift something and they all glued their eyes to her black thong underwater and a thin string that dove down between her incredible ass cheeks. Her wedding dress, against my wishes, had her tits and cleavage, as well as her ass on grand display! They and others were all drooling! On our honeymoon my wife shocked me, revealing that she could feel their hard cocks with every she slow danced with each of them. In fact the music guy asked “Why does everyone want slow dance music”. It’s only gotten more interesting from there! I’m sure when I’m gone away on business, and one of them stops by to check on her, or fix something, especially if she’s dressed more provocatively the only thing that’s gotten fixed is their cock! After 6 years, family functions have a different feel now!

    • I haven’t done anything this daring.
      But I did fuck my wife’s little sister several times. Some good young teenage pussy. Would always end our fuck session with my cum dripping out of her pussy.

    • I did my SIL , 21 , on xmas eve. How old was your SIL?

    • She’s in high school. Very well developed big tits a nice ass and a very wet pussy.

    • Love it. Nothing like teenage pussy. My next door neighbors daughter told me she was 16 and turned out to be 14!!

    • My wife’s little sister was a freshman in high school the first time we fucked. A couple of years later my wife walked in and caught us right when her sister was telling me how good I felt in her pussy and as I was shooting a big load of cum in her. We were in the living room her bent over the arm of the couch. My wife sad damn at least do it in the bedroom. I was shocked she didn’t crazy on me. Later we were talking about what she saw and she said she figured I was fucking her little sister months ago because why else would she be at our house all the time. Then she said look it’s not like you took her virginity. She informed me her oldest brother had her virginity at 11 and also her little sister’s virginity at 11. I thought damn I thought I got her cherry and my said no you’re not her first. Then she told me when I have sex again with her little sister to do it in our bed that she really doesn’t want cum stains on the couch so that’s where we fuck now. My wife and I are still very sexually active and she always tells me to fuck her hard like I do her little sister.

    • So she was what 14? Did wife ever join in?

    • Almost 14 she’s 17 now and we are still going strong.

    • Nice!!! My youngest was my 14 year old neighbors daughter. I was 45 at the time

    • I want to fuck both of my sister in laws at the same time

    • Are they hot? Describe them

    • Very hot my wife’s sister Atlee is very sexy and gets very horny when she drinks wine her husband is very sissy acting she needs a good hard fucking pussy and ass brown hair 45 years old around g cup bra size but well built body my wife’s brothers wife Laura is 36 long blonde hair very fit tall long legs and also get horny when she drinks I want to pound both of them in their pussy and asshole Atlee did rub my dick at a Christmas party but her husband came in a got her

    • A G cup? Titty heaven lol
      My sil was about 5 2, Mexican, mocha skin, skinny, a good B cup with rock hard nipples all the time. She was 21 when i fucked her and i was 44. GREAT Xmas Eve😁
      I ended up sleeping with her for about 6 months. She used to be quick stop on way home from work

    • Yes G’s and I did get to see them in their hot tub one night I want to fuck her between them so bad and cum in her face

    • Wish you had a picture of them lol
      Biggest i ever had was Sofia, my Italian girl. H cups! It was like squeezing 2 big bags of cotton

    • I wish I did too I would for sure share that with everyone

    • Too bad

    • I fantasize about sucking cock at someone's family reunion

    • I have the same thought about my ex wifes female relatives her mom her sister and her daughter love to fuck all of them in a family orgy.

    • Yes my second ex wife had hot mom and sister. Got to fuck sister on xmas eve

    • My husbands family isn’t quite that appealing. But his co-worker and friends are a different story. I keep myself in great shape, especially after 4 children. He always have me dress to impress. He likes to host a poker game once a month, when bowling season is done for them, and then Monday night football is at our house as well. It started with just some flirts, and a cheap feel here and there, then sex, one by one they would get up and come find me for a quickie. Sometimes they get hubby so drunk he passes out just so they can have me all to themselves. I’ve had at the most 3 men at once, not my thing, threesomes at the most now. Hubby’s Christmas party since he always leaves me alone to mingle guys end up pulling me away to bang and I’m happy to oblige. Sad part is, he thinks it’s okay to leave me like that at a party. I’ve done 7 guys in one night so far

    • I love hearing about other slut hotwives

      I take it you look forward to these poker and game nights . What is it you like , cock variation , multiple men , men paying attention to you , or getting a type of sex you dont normally from hubby ?

      Do you enjoy going behind his back or do you wish it was in the open - how would he feel about you fucking his friends ,

      He may like to watch you fuck them many do including me

      Have you mentioned to your husband wearing less clothes or see thru lingerie and stockings to host with plan to move to open cup bras and crotchless panties or just stockings :-)

      You should convince hubby to put you on the table as bet value instead of money or chips .

      I for one would love host parties and have my wife play nude hostess and service all the guys wether friends , workmates or strangers. We have organised a few whole weekends ways with just us and half dozen guys from swingers group . Nothing hotter than watching your nude wife walk around and seeing her pounded in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house randomly all weekend . Both times we rented bach by beach so she could walk naked from bach and sunbath and swim without putting on bikini. I supplied the wife and they supplied the beer , videos and games for a fun beachside weekend.

    • Hot. Did you get hubby too after? Or were you too stretched out?

    • Hubby has only had “sloppy seconds” a few times. Other than that he is either too stupid, or naïve to realize what I’ve done

    • I agree lol. My last gf used go home after i had filled her up and fuck hubby full of my cum. Turn on for her and he never said a thing

    • Do it anyways. I would love that if i was hubby! Care to chat more?

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