Wives, finish this sentence...

Wives, finish this sentence:

If my husband only knew...

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  • When I masturbate he thinks I’m thinking of him instead I’m thinking of the little barely legal hottie next door

  • That I liked it when he made me fuck other men.

  • I let my well hung Arab neighbor fuck me

  • I'm 50 now, we have been married 26 years. For 26 years I have had no issue with sucking bosses, associates on business trips or at the office. I think it's been a great benefit, safe. There have been some times when quite a few show up at condo owned by bosses but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And I do swallow.

  • Wow, that's a long time. When I was younger, I worked at a place for 7 years where I gave my boss blowjobs. He was a sweet man, but fat and never my type. He always gave me a 6% raise on my evals, regardless of my work performance. He always wanted to fuck, but I never did. That's my husband's territory. I never felt pressured or harassed, but we got used to it. I've never done anything like that since I worked there.

  • That I was a bartender part-time at a swingers club before we met. My boss would let me join the action, as long as the bar was covered or not too busy.

  • If he only knew and the other two women's husbands only knew that the three of us get together quite often and pleasure each other. I have been bisexual since I started thinking about sex and my first sexual encounter was with another woman. I love having sex with both though because men and women are so different when it comes to sex. My husband has no clue that I am bisexual but with his travel schedule it is not hard to keep it a secret.

  • My husband is well endowed. He knows I dated a guy he knew in HS. He knows, as I do, this other guy isn’t micro, but he’s small. Hubby has made many references over the years about this guy’s size, and he’s not wrong, but he’s not entirely right either. He doesn’t know how much I loved having anal sex with this guy. I could use my little clit stimulator and give him my ass, and if cum more times than I can count. It was better than a well hung guy ever dreamed.

  • On girls night out, I have every intention on hooking up with someone, this past weekend I drove 4 hrs away just to hookup with a friend

  • How was it?

  • At his jobs Christmas party I sneak off to fuck his boss. Only once a year.

  • My husband is so clueless. I'm in great shape while he's an overweight slob. He's been unable to satisfy me sexually for years. I'm currently fucking two other husbands in our neighborhood who are in AWESOME shape. Neither of their wives know but one of the guys has started talking about the idea of a threesome with him and his wife. I've never been with a woman but Kathy and Mike together might be loads of fun!

  • That I blow one of the black office boys almost everyday and he fucks me at least 3 times a week.

  • I had two affairs with married men before I met my husband. The second was my boss who my husband does business with (it’s how we met). I continued sleeping with him until a week before we married.

  • That is fucking hot

  • I got invited to have a threesome with a friend from work and her husband. I accepted. My husband wasn't invited because he wasn't hot enough lol.

  • Lol ouch!

  • That I fucked a male friend in front of others at his birthday party, because I didn't have time to bring a gift (and I was drunk and horny).

  • ...that I had tracking software secretly installed on his laptop so I can have a record of every place he goes online. Should come in REAL HANDY when I serve him with divorce papers in another month or so. Oh, and the PI that I hired to follow him to his girlfriend's apartment when he told me he was "running some errands" should help my case, too.

    He has absolutely no idea how totally FUCKED he is!

  • I had sex with his father (who is still married to his mother) before we met

  • Has it happened again?

  • Yes we still fuck

  • That my best friend and I have been together since our second year of college. Neither one of our husbands knows about us.

  • ...that on a "girls night out" last 4th of July the four of us decided to visit an adult bookstore. We each kicked in $100 and the gal who gave the most blowjobs won the pot. Yes, it was on the honor system but I won the money by sucking a dozen guys. My closest competitor stopped at six because she thought it was kind of gross. But I actually had fun!

  • That after I had the baby I would let his father suckle my tits to have some breast milk

  • That I found his hidden porn collection on our computer (buried inside several subfolders) and have been masturbating to it while he's at work.

  • What kind of porn is it?

  • That he's never made me cum in over ten years of screwing. Not once. He thinks he's a stud because he's hung like a horse but he knows absolutely nothing about pleasing a woman.

  • Isn’t that kind of your fault? Mine is also well hung, also couldn’t please me at all when we met. But I made a lover out of him in less than two years.

  • That's why I eat my wife's pussy making sure to use my fingers while I do it. Had a girlfriend tell me one time that most men can't make women cum with vaginal sex alone. I'm pretty big, 8 inches, and she told me if I wanted her to cum I had to eat first. Have done it ever since with ever woman who would let me. Best sex is when I eat. Wife loves my sex, or at least she acts like she does when she's hitting the big O while my tongue is in her.

  • Don't be so sure, sweetie. My husband eats me, fingers me, and fucks me but he's never made me cum. Although "I act like I do."

    Food for thought, guys.

  • Your frigid then

  • Tell it like it is, sister!

  • That I know all about our next door neighbor fucking him up the ass.

  • Omg

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