I flashed to a 11 year old girl

When I was on holiday in Spain, the male and female toilets were next to each other.
I saw a hot young girl going into the girls toilets, and realised that I would be able to see her come out when she was done, from where I was 'pissing' in the urinals.

Sure enough, about 2 minutes later I could see her coming out, so I stepped back from the urinals, into her view and stroked my engorged cock, whilst winking at her. I was 30.

She paused for a second, assumably in shock..and then blushed and sped up.

I never saw her again.

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  • How do you know she was 11?

  • Best argument yet for separate bathrooms, worldwide, and an example of why trans people are getting such a tough shake here in the States. Mothers and fathers are afraid of pervy weenie-wavers like you, and think transgenders will pull the same bullshit. Here's to hoping you get re-arranged dental work by way of a knuckle sandwich.

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