I want to be humiliated In a public restroom

I love being humiliated and I love piss. both turn me on so much.

my biggest fantasy rn is that a big, mean girl will strip me naked one day, put a collar/leash on me then force me to crawl into a public restroom with dozens of toilets/urinals. I want her to shove my face into each one, make me lick all of them clean and drink/eat everything inside. I want her to film me, make fun of me for being so gross. I want to cry the whole time as she hits and bruises me.

finally, when the bathroom is clean and im disgusting, I want her to handcuff me to a toilet and then just leave me. I want strangers to see me, and use me instead.

Apr 4

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    • People who have these urges should indulge in them. Otherwise you will be sorry your whole life you never tried. I am a well known master and i love to humiliate young guys and girls sexually because I know it is what they need and want. Humiliation and degradation is a wonderful outlet and a fulfilling experience for those who need it. and it can get really filthy and dirty too.

    • I have similar fantasies, but there's usually guys there to piss on me and pound my ass while my head's in the toilet. I can just picture having my face submerged in a pool of piss while more guys piss on me... There's worse ways to drown.

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