I get turned on by abuse.

Stories about abuse disgust me, but they turn me on so much and I can’t even get off if there’s not some kind of abuse going on. I can’t even hear a story about someone else being abused without getting dripping wet, even though I feel so badly. I always end up masturbating to their stories, imagining myself in their place.
I was never abused, but my relationship has a huge power dynamic (age), so it’s easy to live out my abuse fantasies in the bedroom. The thing is, when I masturbate or am being eaten out, I am fantasizing about even more abuse. I am pretending that he is my real father, has me by a leash, and is allowing his much older friends to pass me around. They are being very loud and vocal about fucking my tiny pussy, how lucky he is to have such a horny submissive little slut like me, causing me to have multiple orgasms before they even start to cum. They start going crazy and pounding my brains out and spurting all over my body until I am in a puddle of cum.

I cum so hard that I nearly black out.

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