For the Love of A Petticoat

My fascination with petticoats started at a young age. We lived in an old Victorian home that had a stair case leading to the attic. I was the youngest in the family of three girls and one boy. One day when everyone was away and bored, I went up to the attic to see what was there. I found three big trunks, each one had girls clothes. To the right of them was a closet with lots of dresses, pretty ones too. I went about feeling the dresses and the slips, bras. panties, and petticoats and like how they felt. I liked the petticoats the best because they would flare out whenever I twirled. I liked wearing the panties under my boy clothes and would do it when I felt safe.

One day a friend of the family asked my dad if he could hire me to help him with some work and so I was dispatched to his house which wasn't far away. We worked one weekend and he told me to come back the next Friday around noon. So I was able to go to the attic and play. I had on a pretty skirt, panties and three petticoats, I was having fun then I realized I had to go to Henry's house. I quickly changed leaving the pink panties on. We worked until around five and went in for a cold drink. As we sat in the den sipping our drink, Henry asked me how long I had been wearing panties.

Well one thing lead to an other and getting his word that my secret would be safe between us, I opened up about my love for petticoats and the such. He told me that he would like to see me dressed up and that I could bring my stuff to his house. The first time I dressed for I wore a sexy Black full slip with red lace and black silk panties and bra and I also wore three petticoats, one white, one yellow, and one red. Over them I wore a Blue, white laced blouse and a red skirt. He had me come and sit next to him on the sofa and told how pretty I looked and gave me my first ever kiss. I was truly hooked to becoming a girl who loved petticoats and Henry.

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  • OH for fuck sake enough with this fictisional saga, everyone is getting the shits

  • Then why did you look at this confession in the first place you evil moronic mollusc , I bet you looked because you are creeping around spying enviously at other people's activity whilst being envious, lonely, dirty and creepy.

    Step into the toilet bowl and pull the chain, hopefully you will be washed down and away with all the other excrement.

  • Your a real filthy beast aren't you, cunt

  • Off topic but take care of the vintage clothing, they can cost alot nowadays!

  • (32m) They do, but there is nothing in the way of lingerie which is so silky and has so much fine lacework. I wash it all by hand and treasure every item. However wearing it is so sensual.

    Jasmine x

  • I love that story. I had a similar experience when I was a schoolboy of around twelve or thirteen. I had developed an urge to feel silky ladies undies when I was about ten after watching a couple shagging in a field. I just loved the look of her underwear as she lay on top of her lover with her knickers around one of her legs and her skirt pulled up to her waist and her bare arse thrusting up and down on him. I was hooked.
    I began stealing undies.
    Then when I was at secondary school, I began feeling more and more feminine, I watched other boys changing, longing to feel their cocks. I was very sexual, I had enormous feelings and was masturbating a lot.
    Then one day I was out on my own and I was wearing a pair of knickers under my shorts, they felt so soft and sexy. I was getting worked up and found a spot I knew behind our church which was secluded, I took my shorts off, felt my erection in my knickers it was stiff and hot, I took it out and then to my horror I felt a hand on my shoulder!!
    Our vicar had crept up on me without me noticing, he looked cross. You are a naughty person and I ought to tell your parents he said, but I won't we will just have a little talk now put your shorts on and come with me. We went to his house, he shut the front door, now come with me. I was really scared when he took me to a bedroom and said now we are going to have some special private time together.
    I was so scared, I was shaking but I complied when he asked me to take my clothes off but leave my knickers in place. I was even more scared when he started to undress and I saw his erection as it was enormous and highly aroused. Lay on the bed he commanded, I complied, he knelt beside me kissing my breasts, then he kissed my penis through my knickers fingering my testicles at the same time. I liked it, he was gentle, I found myself wanting to touch his penis!!!

  • Part 2. He had got me aroused and was nibbling my penis through my knickers and I was holding his erection and it felt great, a huge head and an erect but soft textured shaft, I was loving it. Then I felt his hand in the back of my knickers against my bottom, caressing, needing fingering but still sucking my penis. I had a tremendous feeling down there, I had never ejaculated and semen before, I thought I was weeing, then suddenly I completely lost control of my penis, the feeling was fantastic, I loved it, I loved what he was doing to me and with his finger up my bottom.
    He lay down beside me and started kissing me, I responded, he was gentle, caressing me, I could feel his penis erect against my leg, I reached down while we were kissing and held it, I loved the feeling. He whispered, you are a lovely boy do you like being my little girl, I nervously said that I did, and would you like me to dress you in girly clothes for us to play together, oh! yes please I really would, then it must be our secret and you must never tell anyone and I said I never would.
    So started my gay sissy affair and gay sissy life.
    I went down on him that day and sucked him to ejaculation, I know we both loved the experience. It wasn't until much later that he made love to me by penetration, he was very gentle. I was dressed in clothes he had bought me, He liked me to wear white nylon knickers, flouncy petticoats and little girly dresses all pink and lacy and little white socks and sandals.
    The day he first had sexual intercourse with me, I had been sitting on his lap with his hand up my dress caressing my penis and we were kissing. He whispered lets go to bed darling I think you are ready for me and I am sure I knew what he meant. We went upstairs, I lay on the bed, he took his clothes off, got a jar of Vaseline and rubbed the gel on his erection, I knew what was coming, I got on to my hands and knees, he lifted my dress pulled my knickers over and gelled my bottom.

  • That is so hot, I just loved your story and wish we could share more of each others experiences. Henry used ti have me sit on his lap with my petticoats pulled up and my bare ass resting on his cock. I loved feeling him grow under me.. Just loved it!!!

  • Yes darling, you obviously enjoy the feeling as I do!!!
    My introduction to girly penetrable sex with our vicar was uncomfortable but once he had got his penis inside me it became easier and then really enjoyable. He was not a young man but he had terrific energy and I loved how gentle but strongly firm he was while he made love to me.
    He taught me how to lay under him with a pillow or cushion under my hips so that he could enter me from the front, my legs wrapped around him and so that he could kiss me as he was thrusting. He just loved kissing with tongues tickling each others when I started moaning then screaming as his thrusts got more urgent. I loved to watch his facial expressions of lust as he entered my bottom while masturbating my penis in my knickers.
    Our affair lasted until I was nearly sixteen, I used to arrange to visit him twice a week or more, he taught me how to use make-up and as I grew my hair long he would love to brush my hair standing naked behind me with his erect penis under my dress rubbing my bottom cheeks. He was so sexy!!!!
    Sadly he moved away to a parish in Northumberland, to far for me to travel at the time. Then I heard he got old and had died, but I will always remember him for the things we got up to together and I believe I really loved him. I have always loved being a sissy and now I have two married boyfriends on the go. They both like me to wear silky lingerie with suspendered stockings when we have sex and I love that too.

    All my love, Jasmine.

  • Hi Jasmine, had to quickly get off for prying eyes. But anyway Henry was very gentle with me and my family was okay with me going over to his house and with me going places with him. I remember the first time we took a ride in the country with me all dressed up in a blouse and skirt and of course my petticoats. Henry had trouble playing with my little cock and driving. I teased him about it. We went to a secluded lake and lay under a big oak tree. that was my first time making love in the open and I loved it. Henry did me twice before we headed home.

    Love Joni Kay

  • Hi Jasmine; How well I remember how Henry readied me to experience him entering me. Whenever we could have a get together, he and I would deeply kiss our tongues dancing with each other and our hands busy touching and groping. Then one day as we were kissing, my petticoats raised high and his hands squeezing the cheeks of my small ass. I asked him to enter me and bury his rod in me. I assured him that I was ready so he began by placing his rod at the entrance and going in just a bit. It really hurt at first but he would stop and each time he entered me just a little bit more until at last he had all of his rod in me. After that he would have me sit bare ass-ed on him. We had lots of fun and I learned a lot from him. and we made love in a lot of places. I really loved him with all my heart and still miss him.

  • Loved hearing from you Joni Kay, we are naughty girls together and I love the sound of your silky flouncy petticoats!!!!

    I have to go out but I will post you later with an account of how my life progressed in silky lingerie.

    All my love Jasmine.

  • Hi sweetie; can't wait to hear your story. Henry and I had so much fun and you know one time on our ride in the country, we stopped at an abandoned barn where we had sex. While on the drive there, my skirt and petticoats were flying high and Henry would look at my legs and smile. At one point he even put one hand on my thigh and would squeeze it lovingly. It made so hot and then when we got out of the car the wind would lift up my skirt and petticoats. He put his hand under my skirt and squeeze my small round bottom, I just grabbed his arm and snuggled into him.

    In the hayloft, I lay down on the straw and took a piece and gave him a sultry look with my eyes. He laid next to me and began to kiss me and put his hand under my skirt and took hold of my clitty. Wasn't long before I began to gasp for air that he turned me and got me ready for some hot love making. After that we lay at the door of the hayloft and looked out at the country. I don't know how long we laid like that but I soon felt him working on my male pussy. I sure miss him and you know no one else has ever had my male pussy since. It's been a long time.

    Love Joni Kay

  • I'm back and couldn't wait to post you Joni Kay darling. Love your story, that experience must have been wonderful.
    I remember those lusty early days, rushing over to the vicarage and throwing myself into Geoffrey's arms. He would say go and see what I've bought you, its in the bedroom and I would kiss him and bound up the stairs to see.
    I recall "the petticoat day", there on the bed lay a fifties style full skirted dress, a bra with matching nylon knickers and the most wonderful full and flouncy petticoat, all frilly, soft and silky. I was trembling, I was so excited that I tore my clothes off and put the knickers on. My penis was bulging under them. I put the bra on and then nervously pulled up the petticoat. As it followed the contours of my body it felt so gorgeous that I nearly ejaculated in my knickers, nylon at the top and a soft lacy and full underskirt and I gave a little twirl. Oh! wow, fabulous, then I put on the skater dress, it fitted over the petticoat beautifully and was so flouncy and full as I twirled around in front of the mirror. I put the bobby socks on and then my little strappy heeled sandals, I was ready to show off to Geoffrey.
    I went carefully down the stairs, Geoffrey was sitting on the settee in a silky paisley dressing gown, I walked into the room and gave a couple of twirls, I felt so sexy and sensual. "Do you like your new outfit my darling little girl" he said, "like it, I love it darling you naughty daddy" and with that I minced over to him and as I approached I saw his erection throbbing between the folds of his gown and how I wanted to feel it against my body.

  • Sweetie, I sure wish there was a way to share me e-mail address with you. Maybe I'll try> Hope you can get it.

    Love Joni kay

  • Are you on WhatsApp darling?


  • No I'm not

  • Do you live in UK or USA?
    I'm sitting here in my white silk negligee and matching French silk knickers just thinking about the stories we could tell about our adventures in becoming En-Femme. I believe that Geoffrey instinctively knew that I felt like a girl and I loved the way he introduced and seduced me into it.

    I have grown to love the touch of an adult man exploring my body, caressing me through my silky undies, desiring me, kissing me as I fondle his erection and then offering my bottom to him. Then listening to his nervous breathing, feeling his trembling hands on my hips as he pulls me onto him and hearing him gasp with pleasure as he begins to thrust his member into my anus.

    Listening to his urgent whispering about how lovely I am, how much tighter than his wife or partner, feeling his hands sliding into the tops of my stockings and whispering how he loves stockings and he loves me wearing them, its all so wonderful.

    Standing in front of a hairy aroused man while he takes my knickers off and knowing that erect penis is going inside me, really arouses me, then he lifts my petticoat and silky dress and pulls me to him, I feel his erection hard against me, he's spreading my legs, he's turning me around, he has my dress and petticoat up around my waist and I want him. He bends me over and pulls me to him and I feel him pushing himself in, I am his submissive little girl with her naughty little curl.

    Love Jasmine.

  • Darling Joni Kay, where are you I'm missing you and sitting here in my silkies. I would like to tell you more, so please reply soon.
    All my love Jasmine x

  • Part II: Oh how well I remember when Henry first put his penis up my male pussy and after a few penetration tries, he made me a full fledged gurrl. Right now I have on matching black bra and panties and a red slip with white lace. I have garter and hose on also. I feel so sexy and girly. How lucky I was to find Henry who taught me to be the gurrl I always wanted to be.

    After Henry's sudden death, I joined the service for four years. Henry is the only one I've ever let penetrate me. Oh through the years I've often thought of looking for some one but I ended up getting married and hid my secret. There have been times when I would get a chance to dress for a weekend at a motel and I would dream of some one being there with me.

    I just love the feel of a petticoat and a slip. I love to bunch them up and twirl. I used to do that with Henry and I would tease him by moving close to him and then backing up. I would pull my petticoats up enough for my clitty to peek out at him. Finally he would grab me and just shower me with kiss and calling me his naughty little gurrl. I would giggle ans say, "Yes I am and forever!" I'll have to tell you about our camping trip some time. Bye for now.

    Love Joni Kay

  • Hello sweetie; I was out for a while but I'm back I live in the U.S' But I really like talking with you. I remember when Henry and I first started and he saw my panties. For some reason I felt comfortable telling him about my desire to dress as a girl. And then the first time I dressed for him. He too made me feel as though I was really the girl I wanted to be. How he held me close and told me that I would be his girl. Then on our second meet how he gently worked me up, I was so horney and couldn't get enough of him.

    He was a real kisser even though I had never been kissed before, I just thought he was the best kisser. He kissed so softly and searched the inner most parts of my mouth. I returned the favor, I just really loved it. One day he asked me what I wanted to be called as a girl and I said that I didn't know. So he said well we'll just take the first part of your name, Johnny and just shorten it up a bit. I'll call you Joni and Kay because I care a lot about you. So I became Joni Kay, his gurrl. I squeezed him so hard when he called me Joni Kay. I told him that some day he would be the one to take my virginity. But in the mean time he showed how to suck a cock and how to make love to it. I think my panties are becoming wet, so I need to take care of my thingy!!!

    Lots of love Joni Kay

  • Hello darling Joni Kay, I love the name as it sounds so girly. I am sitting at my computer in a flouncy black silk negligee with a matching black silk robe all lacy and frilly and of course a lovely pair of French silk knickers.
    Since my teens I have developed my breasts, long hair and complexion so it all looks very feminine and my breasts are a 38B, I love them!!! I also have a wardrobe full of sexy petticoats, slips and silk nightwear. I have a huge range of floaty flirty dresses, shoes and coats.
    I adore going our En-Femme, it feels so sensual, with my silkies flouncing around my stockinged legs, particularly when its windy. I have got more confident over time although I was very nervous at first. I've found that its best to look classy and sexy, practice makes perfect.
    I have two boyfriends at the moment, James and Brian, they are married and one is in his fifties and the other is late sixties. They are very attentive, love me to dress for them and are very randy and sexy.
    James spent the day with me yesterday at my apartment and we had a very naughty time together. I love how hairy his body is, so manly and his penis is beautiful. He likes me wearing white and pink, so I wore pink matching undies, suspenders, full bum nylon panties, lacy satin bra and a lovely flouncy pink petticoat, My dress was a white Medeshe floaty fifties style skater dress, which showed off my petticoat and long legs, and of course a pair of white strappy high heels.

    All my love Jasmine x

  • Part 2: This time our kiss was a long and searching one. I became really horney and told her that I had to get back. I jumped into Henry and planted kisses on and telling him to give a good long fuck. After we were done he smiled and said I bet you met Abbey this morning. I dung my head and nodded yes and he lifted my head and said, "Abbey always loves to greet people with a kiss. Now don't worry about. It's okay, you two can have fun."

    That night Abbey and I had a lot of fun. Her and I were dancing to a slow song and holding each other close. I loved the smell of her perfume. Before I realized it I found myself saying, "You smell so good, I could just gobble you up." She moved me back and looked deep into my eyes, smiled and gave me a long deep kiss. I responded and drew her closer and moving my hands to grasp her bottom. That night Henry told that if I wanted to taste her, I could and I did but I wouldn't let her enter me because that belonged to Henry. I was going to be sixteen the year that happened. What a birthday gift and what fun we all had.

    Just one fun time in my journey as Joni Kay.

    Love and kisses Joni Kay

  • Hello sweet Jasmine; how did you come across that name? I have to go pick up my wife tomorrow so I will be late getting back to you. Whenever she goes for a visit I take down the suitcase ( that I keep my stuff in) from the shelf in the basement. And then I dress up for however long I have. But I want to tell you abut a camping trip that Henry took me on. He had talked to my parents about taking me as a birthday gift so they agreed.

    Little did I know what I was in for but on the way Henry told me that a friend of his owned the cabin that we would be staying in. He also told me that his friend and gurrl friend would be staying there too and that it would be fun. The fun part of traveling with Henry was the way he would put his hand under my skirt or dress and just place it near enough to my clitty and balls to tease me. I would just snuggle up to him and try to get his hand closer.

    When we arrived at the cabin his friend was already there. Once we settled and were seating down, the most beautiful girl I ever seen walked in. She walked over to me and introduced her self as Abbey. She looked so sexy in her lovely polka dotted dress. That night we settled in to watch a movie. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, she was so hot and sexy. Some time during the movie I looked over and she was sucking on her lover's clitty. I grew horney and pulled out Henry's cock and began to make love to it. I ran my tongue along its length and tenderly sucked on his balls. I kept this up until I felt Henry about to explode, then I quickly took his cock in my mouth and brought him to an orgasm.

    The next morning I arose and went to the kitchen for a glass of water and there was abbey standing by the sink. She was dress in a pretty pink and white slip that came just above her knees. I walked up to get a glass when she suddenly reached over and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Morning she ", she said very sexually. "Morning", I said back and then I reached over our lips meeting and this time .

  • Hello Joni Kay, my Femme name came from a lover who commented that I smelt like a jasmine flower and it was the perfume I was wearing and I've worn it ever since.
    love your story, you naughty girl. XX
    I have been out today En-femme and as it was cloudy I decided to wear black undies including a lovely black vintage nylon lacy slip, a black and white pleated polyester skirt all silky and a white satin blouse. My heels were just 3 inch but enough to make my calves taught and I have great ankles an ensemble finished off with a yellow flared light raincoat.
    I went food shopping and felt so sexy in the supermarket as I minced around, I felt my clitoris erect in my knickers. It takes me about an hour to put my make-up on, I am very careful and I always feel excited when I put lipstick on, its almost the finishing touch.
    James won't be staying with me until Thursday, I can't wait, he is so horny and randy for me. I get specially dressed for him, I know what he likes and I like watching him change into silk PJ's which he says slides against my lingerie. We laugh because when he is putting them on his erection pushes out of the fly-hole and I say its inviting a kiss, the naughty boy!!
    We are very passionate together with lots of kissing and caressing, I adore it and then when we get into bed with kisses and cuddles and he penetrates my bottom with his beautiful penis, we are in bliss.

    All my love Jasmine xx

  • Hello darling Joni Kay, well its sunny here today and so I have dressed differently from my En-femme outfit of yesterday, I have selected white lingerie, very silky with a pair of coffee coloured stockings. It took me ages to select a dress and eventually I settled on a floaty silky Medeshe summer number, slightly "see-through" with sight of the lace of my slip but not excessive. I am going out in my car sight seeing, I have my camera and have made up a picnic, you never know who you might meet!!!!! I know a few safe places to visit and I am really excited, in fact very horny!!!! As I type this I have lifted my dress and slip and I can see my erection pushing out from white nylon knickers, so sensual.

    I will post later and tell you how I got on.

    Love Jasmine x

  • Hi Joni Kay, I've just got back after a very naughty girl day, post me and I'll tell you all about it.

    Love Jasmine x

  • Hey Jasmine where did you go? I've been missing you but also having a lot of fun. I went to pick up the wife and when i arrived, she asked if she could go on a vacation with her sisters. I asked her when and she said next Monday and I said wow! I told her that she didn't have enough clothes with her and she said she would just buy what she needed as they went along. So I said it would be okay with me and that I would take to buy some needed things. We were at this big mall and I was just window shopping and stopped to admire a dress in one window.
    I heard some one say softly in my ear, "Wondering if it will fit you and how you would look in it?" I turned to look at who said that and saw a handsome man about my age standing there. I smiled and gave him a wink and went to sit on one of the benches. A while later the same man came and sat next to me. We chatted a while and soon our talks led to sex and secret desires. I found out that he liked to dress in secret and I told him the same was true for me. I told him that I lived in a certain city and that my wife would be gone for almost three weeks and would he like to visit.
    Goodness did he look fabulous dressed up as Janet. We had a few drinks as we fondled one an other, that led us to the bedroom where we made love over and over again. We still have a week and a half before the wife returns. Janet will be coming back in a few hours and I am anxiously waiting for her return. Maybe tonight will be the time I'll have a cock inside me since Henry died.

    love Joni Kay

  • Part 2: I placed my knees either side of his thighs, lifting my dress and petticoat and lowered myself onto him. I felt his erect penis slide over my knickers, finding my erection. His hand went into my knickers pulling them over so his penis was pushing against mine, we started kissing and so lovingly, our tongues intertwining like two little snakes getting more and more excited. I wriggled against him, feeling his erection inside my knickers, I moved my bottom forward feeling his fingers move to my hot anus and then his penis was there, my petticoat covering his activity, then I felt him inside me, he was so big and I was riding him, trying to get more of him inside me, I was his little girl, back from her dance being loved by daddy.
    Ohhhh!! daddy, daddy love me, take me, take me as I rode upon his erection and kissed him passionately. I clenched my cheeks as he'd taught me trapping his penis head as it got to the entrance of my anus, then pushed down again and all the time my dress and petticoat were wafting about in time with the thrusts as he held my hips. He suddenly moaned, I'm cumming, I'm cumming darling and I felt his penis swell inside me, our lips met and I felt his cum ejaculating against my insides. I loved making love in my petticoat.

    All my love Jasmine.

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