Lm 18 female and I just gave my older brother a blowjob for Valentine's Day. !!!

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  • My brother never needed a holiday just our parents to leave us at the house. He is six years older than I am and when he was around 12 or so I learned how to suck on him. When he was old enough that my parents had confidence in him to watch me while they were gone I got to suck on him a lot. I enjoyed it quite a bit actually and he would masturbate me. He never liked giving me oral but he would massage and finger me until I was squirming all over the place.
    We are older now and it surprised the hell out of him when he asked me about it and asked me if I felt like he pressured me into it back then. I told him I never felt pressured I just did not know what I was doing. After we talked for a while about other stuff I asked him he wanted a blow job and he laughed a lot and told me I had a great sense of humor. I got down on my knees like back then and he just could not believe I was serious, he dropped his pants and got a great blow job. His brain was fried afterwards telling me that I was amazing.

  • Not so fast li'l girl. You were only amazing if you swallowed ALL of his semen.

  • Once again all this further proves is that the human female's instinct is to suck a man's penis. She will perform instinctively & automatically. It's just nature.

  • What a nice sister you are! Was that the first time you two have connected like that?

  • My brother and I fooled around a lot, I’m also curious if this was your first time, and how it was initiated.

  • Nice

  • Very lucky guy! How old are you?

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