Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there ! Thanks to my own, dear departed mom for popping me out way back when. Thanks for loving me even if you didn't particularly like me.
Thanks to all you moms for leaving your curtains opened, blinds askew, or careless sunbathing while I peeped and stroked my cock while absorbing your nudity. Thanks to all you moms for sucking my cock, and swallowing my copious load without complaint. Thanks to all you moms for stripping down, allowing me to worship your breasts, large, medium or small. Thanks for spreading those legs and allowing me to fuck that pussy. Much thanks to you rare few moms who spread your asscheeks, and let me plow that asshole while I used your discarded panties as a gag, to keep your cries of pain and pleasure from waking your kids. Thanks to you perverse moms who embraced your perversity, and allowed me to do all sorts of depraved things to you, while doing the same for me. You are essential to life, you face great odds, and little appreciation, this is your day, rejoice. And, show us your tits when you get a chance !

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  • I told my mother I had a very special Mother's Day gift for her. I dropped my pants showing her my hard cock. She ran to her bedroom with me close behind. Before she could lock the door, I pushed it open. I made her jerk my cock, even though she was reluctant. I pushed her onto the bed, and pulled off my mother's panties. I pushed up her skirt, and entered her surprisingly wet pussy. She acted like she didn't like it, but when I told her to unbutton her shirt, she did. I pushed up her bra so I could see her tits and hard nipples as I fucked her. It wasn't long before my mother was really getting into it, and a short time after that, she had a loud orgasm. That's when I really started fucking my mother's pussy hard until I came deep inside her.

  • I took my 46 year old mother out for mother's day. Still VERY attractive, but she hardly goes out since my dad was killed in an accident almost a year ago. She really dressed up pretty sexy and looked great. We had dinner and drinks, then more drinks. Then a nightcap at home. I was to drunk to leave, so I didn't. We both had that "I want you look" in our eyes. I think we both knew we could always say it was because we were so drunk. We went to the bedroom, got naked, then into bed together. We made out, feeling each others bodies, I fingered my mom's pussy as she stroked my cock. Then I was on top of her, my cock in her pussy. I was fucking my own mother, but she was just a hot MILF to me, as I fucked her pussy hard. I made my mom moan loudly as I pounded her. Then she just kept saying, "Fuck me, fuck me, harder, fuck me!" I was ready when she had her orgasm, shooting stream after stream of my seed deep in her pussy. We fucked several times that night, the next morning, and afternoon. I stayed over and we fucked again that night, and morning. I ended up moving back home and we still fuck almost every day.

  • Such sweet sentiments. Take it from this mother...you're very welcome!

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