When I was a sophomore in highschool there was this girl who wasn't very well liked. She always had on baggy ass clothes and never talked to anyone. Even nerds wouldn't talk to her. So anyway one day this woman came over to the house to see my mom. Evidently they worked together and she brings her daughter over, It's this same girl. My mom says her mom has a business trip for several weeks and her daughter is going to stay with us. I protested hard saying she was going to kill my social life. Long story short she moved into the guest bedroom and one morning she came out of her room to use the bathroom. She had on small shorts and a little tank top that was too small her. When I saw her I didn't even recognize her. She was absolutely beautiful. Her tits were perfect and her figure was stunning. I stopped her and tried to talk to her, but she was like this scared little rabbit that was about to die because I talked to her. Everyday I tried to talk to her and everyday she sat there and just looked at me. Finally one day she opened up and asked me why I was talking to her. I confessed that she was amazing beautiful, which she denied. I finally got her to open up more when she said to prove it by telling the school we were dating. I agreed but only if she let me dress her. She agreed and we started dating. We ended up losing our virginity to each other the spring of our sophomore year. By the middle of our Junior year she had gotten pregnant. We finished school even though we had a child and we married right after we graduated. She's still introverted and hates talking to people, but she is still a hard 10 even after having our child. She has zero stretch marks, her tits are amazingly perky, and her ass is perfect. If she were not such and introverted there is no way she would be with me.


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  • I used to be very introverted, with acute social anxiety disorder. One night, with my brother, I snorted a line of meth and my whole world changed. I became completely open and outgoing and talkative, and couldn't even think of shutting my mouth. I started snorting meth every morning before school, and after about a year had become one of the most popular kids in high school. Eventually, I grew into my outgoing personality and I tapered off of the meth, because I knew it wasn't healthy. Meth gets a bad rap iin society and causes lots of problems, but it literally changed my whole life, for the better.

  • My husband of 12 years is an introvert--no friends, likes to stay by himself. I met him when he was a virgin at 19, and although he had pretty bad acne, he was muscular and a total bomb in bed. He said girls never dated him in high school because of his acne and that he kept to himself. He also liked to read and write, collect poetry books and write poems too.

    Well, the acne cleared up in about a year after when we started dating and he is gorgeous. I'm a bit short and chubby, so I worried initially that he would leave me, but he never did.

    I feel like I scored a really good catch that other girls ignored, just because he was introverted and was uptight about having acne. We're best friends forever.

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