Girlfriends sissy is my husband

My best girlfriend and I have been in a long term lesbian relationship, about 12 months ago we caught my husband wearing my lingerie and heels.
We decided that he should be locked in chastity and would wear only female lingerie and cloths at home, my girlfriend would take control of the keys and be his Mistress, he would learn to do his own makeup, wear heels and act as a female all the time in our company.
It is so great he is so subordinate and quiet doing everything I want.
My girlfriend makes him stand in the corner while we make love then change the bed linen while we shower and he has to towel us down after.
Every second weekend she cuffs him behind, puts on a leg spreader, releases him, washes and shaves then plays till he produces precum and locks him again, he has not been allowed to orgasm for over six months.
Any other females have a sissy slave ?

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  • Castration is a better solution. Make him really know his place. And it makes it irreversible.

  • This is a sissys dream. at least its mine

  • My husband lost interest in sex four years ago so I have had an open lesbian relationship with my girlfriend, I would really love to have him locked in chastity, things would certainly change, currently he often walks into the bedroom when we are having sex and sits on a chair pulls out his useless little prick and masturbates while watching and listening to us, we don't like it at all, I have discussed chastity with him and he is not totally against it as soon as I get him caged he will know all about it.
    I am still bringing the subject up from time to time the other night I gave him a hand job and explained if he was locked it would happen more often he looked excited.

  • Great last night he agreed that I could lock him in chastity if whenever he wanted my girlfriend and I would give him a hand job to his satisfaction and allow him to take photos and videos of us so without hesitation I went straight onto the net and ordered a clear plastic cage with internal lock, feedback was fantastic a bit expensive but it is inescapable and for long term wear and that's what I want.
    Can't wait for his cage to arrive, my girlfriend and I are already talking about a shaving cleaning and locking party and where to hide the keys pretty sure it will be at her place. He has no idea what he is in for that's for sure.
    This is going to be so fabulous, he won't be in the bedroom when we make sex in the future that's for certain
    Will keep you updated if you like.

  • Would love to see my wife with another woman. I would watch. and jerk off. I would like to dress up in pantyhose. No makeup. I like the way they feel. Then I like you to get a strap on and tear my panties open and fuck my ass.

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