What to do ?

I have had some indication's that my husband has been wearing my lingerie for over a year now but have prefer'd to ignore it and hope I was wrong or he would cease, not that I was overly worried because we have a great relationship in all area's including sex, he has always provided quite well for us and we want for nothing I only work to keep myself occupied he works from a home office as a consultant.
Last Tuesday I came home at lunchtime because I felt a little ill on entering I could hear our upstairs bedroom TV with what sounded like spanking or porn as I entered he was on the bed wearing a bra, panties, suspender's, stocking's , heels with makeup and lipstick on watching a sissy boy being punished by a latex catsuited mistress, I let him know I was there and went down to the lounge to contemplate the situation.
He came down after changing as red as a beetroot trying to explain that this was a one off and would not ever happen again, what a lie, I told him obviously he wanted to be in the situation shown in the porn video and I intended to accommodate him, I advised him we are going shopping this weekend to purchase a lot of bra and pantie sets along with plenty of female lingerie and wear with heels and wigs and he will start wearing only femme wear at home all the time, most importantly I would get a couple of spanking paddles and crop's with cuff's and leg spreaders for his punishment.
He really does not appear to mind and I am starting to get very excited about having a sissy to boss around and punish.
Any idea's for me ?

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  • You have just made his dream come true and if you are excited about it also then go for it and have fun .Take control of him completely and make him wear a bra and panties all the time even at work. Buy a CB6000 and lock his sissy dick up and notice how submissive he gets the longer he is locked up. Have you thought about buying a strap-on ?? or maybe bringing a real man into your bedroom ?? you will have better sex plus your sissy husband will get to have sex as a female

  • I'm not into cross dressing, but my wife gives me punishment spankings and uses a strap on on me all the time. We both enjoy it.

  • Yeah divorce him cos hes no longer a man.

  • Have you tried doing him with a strap on?

  • It sounds like you both found a fetish to enjoy together. Have you tried any role reversal in the bedroom?

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