Public spanking

This is going back about 25years ago but I was a woman of 22 and my brat of a cousin was 13 I used to babysit him ,one day in the summer holidays he called me a cu.. In town I was so angry I yanked his shorts down along with his pants and put him over my bare knee and spanked him hard from pink to red I feel guilty now but I really enjoyed doing it to him the spanking was good but the humiliation must of been awful for him it was in middle of town lots of peop!e stopped to watch some looked shocked some looked sorry for him but most laughed ,thought I'd share with u

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  • I babysat a kid once, he was an absolute terror, did the same to him. He cried and ran to his room. I went to check on him and found him wanking so hard I thought he might pull it off. Guess it got him going.

  • U must of done a good job on him

  • That's so hot 🔥 bet he's had a good wank over u over the years

  • I'm not sure mabey he did but was fun

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