Good Friends and More

When my wife and I divorced her sister and sister's husband became dear friends of mine. I ran into them a beer booth at a community event. They was sorry that my marriage fell apart. I started bumping into them a various bars and events. We started doing things together, dinner, movies, going to races and hanging out at the state park taking nature in.

Sue, my ex-wife sister, was younger than my ex and a huge gal that was very jolly. A few months into the relationship they started prying into my personal thoughts and feelings. Sue started to kiss and hug me at welcomes and good-byes with them. Sue and her husband somehow heard thru the grapevine that I was a lifestyle person and was I still doing it. "Not really." I replied. "But given the opportunity would you?" they asked me. Then Bob asked me if I would play with a woman as big as his wife in some threesome activity. I told him sex is sex no matter shape, size and age.

A couple of weeks later while sight-seeing with them we checked into a motel sharing the room. "Jon, we are inviting you to play with us. Are you game for it?" "Hell, why not." I said. I was tired of masturbating and needed real sex. We all got naked and was told I had a good endowment. Seeing Sue's tits and naked body got my manhood stiff. She started giving me head. She motion her husband to join in. It's been awhile since I received head and it felt great! Bob went down on his wife, she tugged me and sucked on my balls. Sue was on her side, her husband put it in her rear and she took mines in her vagina while she played with her tits It was a good night for me

Sue, Bob and I started playing weekly It seemed Bob was more in cock fun. Sue would use toys while watching us. Sue learned how to take my cock deep in her mouth and throat and enjoyed licking my cum off her tits.

We partied a little over a year, when I decided to relocate to another area. They were good people.


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  • I was divorced and struggling, found an ad looking for a roommate, turns out it was my sisters Ex-husband, I couldn’t afford anything else, so I moved in. I didn’t say anything to my sis. But working 2 jobs I didn’t have time for a relationship, especially with 4 kids either, but we ended up having sex, sleeping in the same room, doing couple things together for almost 3 years. Then he found another girl

  • Funny how the big ones almost always get the description of "jolly".

  • I don't doubt they are good people but I can't bring myself to do big. It literally makes me cringe up.

  • I’d love that

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