I watched my wife give my friend a bj

I was helping my cousin put a roof on his house about 20 miles from my house,when during the process i needed my nail gun. So i went back home and there was my buddies car in the street in front of our house.
I walked up and through the window,I saw my wife topless on her knee's and my buddy Steve was skull fucking her. he was forcing her to take it deep holding her head,then pulling out. she had her hands on his ass and pulled him back in. I couldnt believe what i was seeing . He slammed her mouth hard,she seemed to be enjoying it. He kept pulling her head onto his cock all the way and holding it, then he pulled out and again,said something i could not hear,then put it back in her mouth and she bobbed on it ,then i could see she was swallowing his cum.When he was done cumming,she licked his cock and it was over.
I went to the shed,made a bunch of noise,and my wife Sheila came out and said whats up ? I said just came to get my nail gun. Walked back around and steves car was gone,imagine that. Neither has ever spoken a word about it.
I keep wondering how long has that be going on ? In the end,I really dont care as about 3 months later I left for another country as i was deployed,and never came back.

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  • Fantasy, not real.


  • I was deployed and being a horny fuck I was using a friends sign on to a popular adult dating site and what did I see. My wife. Yep nude photos and videos of her fucking at least six different men. Well I was to far away to do anything about it. When I got home I grabbed the wife stripped her naked and fucked her in the ass. Every day anal sex two, three and even four times a day. Finally she asked why I would not fuck her in her pussy any more. I logged on to that site and said to her looks to me like the only hole you saved for me was your ass. Looks like your mouth and pussy was always full with someone else' cock. LOL you should have seen her face. Anyway like I said I am a horny fuck so if I see someone I want to hook up with the wife don't say a word. If she has been a naughty little girl she just takes her pants down and tells me to fuck her in the ass. I love it.

  • Awesome.. love it

  • I have to agree that women probably cheat as much as men do. I was in the Navy and deployed 6 times in 20 years. During that time I know my second wife had sex with other men, though she would never had admitted to it. I found out about an affair she was having with a fellow student at her college, a co-worker, and even the boy next door when he came home from college. She loves sex, but so do I. However, she tried to be "Miss Prim and Proper" when I was around. I even approached the topic of playing with another guy and asked who it would be if she would. She said "hypothetically, if it were to happen, it would be...." her co-worker. WA_Bi_Guy....

  • How about that.. I never thought about it when I was deployed , But the more this topic comes up , the more it happened to a lot of servicemen

  • I think women cheat now as much as men do, if not more so. They can get away with it easier as they're more discreet. They are more calculating and lie easier. If caught, they play the victim.

  • You are so right . It all worked out just fine though because today I own a very busy business , everything in my life is great, and from what I know, she is a server at Buffalo wild wings . I win .. A little heartache there, for the life I have now. Worth the bullshit

  • I was 50 when i saw my 45 year old wife with her panties still round one leg and a local lad who was supposed to be clearing the garden out between her legs.she said he had tried it on but it was obvious if it started that way she was loving what he was giving her.

  • Clearing the garden out between her legs? She should bathe more frequently!

    Only joking. It was just too good to let pass.

  • Women are so sneaky as of course are men. My wife was having an affair with a co worker. He was smooth and knew exactly what to tell her and how to make her feel so good about herself.
    She told me at first they were just friends and he was married and would never try anything.
    This was all a cover up and friends i knew would tell me they were always together and appeared clingy. I still trusted her and of course the sex came to a halt.
    It was always stress and no in the mood.
    When I finally confirmed it was true I said nothing. We all sooner or later pay for our mistakes.
    I met a very attractive lady who lost her husband. We are getting close and one day things will be in my favor

  • It sounds like your a veteran, if so and if this story is accurate I can only thank you for your service and wish you all the best buddy
    I hope you have met a wonderful female partner that really loves you and you her and really hope you have a great life

  • Thanks.. life is great now,I own my own business and have long moved on .. and your welcome

  • Hey !!! little dicky, is your wife still giving herself to your best friend ? they are probably both happy you fucked off

  • Yep, they are loser

  • Well done mate for fucking her off

  • My wife has had a boyfriend for a couple years. I love watching her fuck and suck him.

  • Well Buddy if she was so great at giving head maybe you should have tried to keep her or would your little dicky keep falling out giving neither any satisfaction

  • Get a life

  • Mines obviously a lot better than yours, Dicklet

  • Your living in moms basement,talking shit on internet ,trolling sites,how is it better loser ?

  • Well unlike you I am not thinking about it all the time.
    Maybe pulling yourself off so much is giving you issues EH ?

  • What makes you think I think about it all the time loser, I dont.. We just laugh at dumb comments like yours momma's boy

  • This dudes def a loser..... the "EH" gives it away. Freaking Canadians.... only thing worse than a Canadian is a millennial from Canada.

  • Perfect ending

  • That was 16 years ago, never called or even looked for her. Worked out for me,she is most likely fat today anyway

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