First Time Regret

I have never told the full story of my first time because I was embarrassed for being so naive. It was my freshman year of college and I had made it through high school keeping my virginity intact although I had let guys do everything but have sex with me. A few weeks after the fall semester started a group of us freshman girls were invited to a frat party on a Saturday. In addition to being a virgin I had really never been much of a drinker. My best friend from high school was in the group so I was comfortable. I knew she was sexually active and on the pill so when the subject came up about getting laid I wasn't surprised. Once we were at the party she encouraged me to have a drink which soon became another and another. Needless to say I was soon very drunk. We had been talking to a few guys and I saw my friend going up the stairs with one of them and she smiled at me. They had hardly gotten out of site when one of the other guys grabbed my hand and led me to the stairs. I hesitated but the drinks had gotten me relaxed so i went along. He took me to one of the bedrooms where we started making out and before long he had me very aroused. When he made it obvious he wanted to have sex I told him we should stop because I was a virgin. His fingers had already gotten me more than ready so when he went back to work i knew I was in trouble. He wasted no time getting his penis out and putting a condom on after asking if he needed to use one. He took it slow making me feel relaxed and was enjoying my first time. He wanted to know if I'd like to try it doggy so I told him sure. He positioned me on the bed then entered me from behind. He had no more than gotten all the way in until he started hitting the right spot and I came big time. A few more good strokes and he said "Get ready, this is what you really want." I felt him throbbing inside me as I came again with my whole body shaking. I fell forward off of him rolling over on my back. I looked at his penis.....I freaked when it was obvious he had no condom on. I ask him why he had done that to me to which he stated that I had wanted it. To this day I had never told anyone that I truly went ALL the way my first time. I was just sure he had knocked me up but thankfully I dodged that.


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