Popped in my mouth

There was this old man who was always sweet to me. Bought me and my friends food. At times even gave us gas money since we lived across from a gas station. Never once was he pervy to the girls or us guys. A true gentleman in every way. Once i went over to help him with his stereo and noticed he lived all alone. I snuck out later than night and knocked at his door. He was dazed and confused and that i forgot something important in his room. All sweetly he said go on ahead and head home now so you dont get in trouble. I told him i wanted to try something. Something with him. For him. I gently helped him lay on his bed and asked if it was ok if i sucked his dick. That i was very curious anf would tell no one. He pulled his dick out and said it had not been hard for over 10 years but that he would be very happy if i gave it a few licks. I licked it all over and he got hard right away. He was so happy so i kept on sucking. Maybe a minute later he couldnt contain himself and filled my mouth with warm cum. I kissed him on the tip of his dick and left home. We never had any interaction after and i moved away years ago. But recently i moved back with my parents and now i only wonder if he still lives there. If hes still alive. I once went up to his door but got too scared and walked away...


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  • It seems safe and sweet to have given him that pleasure and privilege the first time. Don't drive yourself crazy wondering if he is still there. Go check and see if history repeats itself. It would be a kindness to him and an adventure for you.

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  • Don't b scared because he knew u already so just enjoy ur life with him

  • Like this one says, go for it, you only live once!

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