Green Bay WI anybody?

Anybody here live in or near Green Bay WI? If so, I'll be happy to tell you all about a local park where you can walk around in the nude to your heart's content.

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  • I live in Allouez WI on the east side of Green Bay. Ashwaubenon is on the west side where Lambeau Field is. I know this park and will definitely check it out once the temps are decent.

  • Tell us, I travel there from time to time!

  • Type "Sherwood Forest Ashwaubenon WI" into Google maps and that's where I'm talking about. Switch to satellite imagery to get your best look. There are four entrances to the walking/biking trail through this park--off of Shady Lane (near the pond), Trissino Way, Parkwood Road, and Smithville Road. I used to enter the trail using the Parkwood Road entrance so I'll orient you from there for your next visit.

    If you go there, enter the trail off of Parkwood just like I did. You'll eventually come to two wooden footbridges that cross over two little creeks that feed into the pond. There are two footpaths into the deep woods on your left before the first bridge; one about twenty steps short of the bridge and the other one immediately to its left. Then, when you cross over the first bridge, you'll see a clearing in the woods off to your right.

    I'd sometimes spend up to an hour roaming around these wood with absolutely nothing on, finishing up by masturbating over thoughts of my wife getting fucked by other men out there while I watched. She knew absolutely nothing about my fetish.

    I did manage to walk the length of the entire trail in the nude a handful of times. By "entire trail" I mean I dumped my clothes near the Parkwood entrance and walked nude across the footbridges all the way up to the duck pond off Shady Lane and back. There's a cast iron memorial bench along the trail back from the pond (but not visible to Shady Lane) where I sat and jerked off. Shot ropes of cum that day.

    I could only do the main trail like this in late June/early July when the days were long (i.e., sunrise at 5:00 a.m.) and my wife was out of town. The park is deserted between 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. (when people start walking the trail).

    And, hey, the "Rules And Regulations" signs that Ashwaubenon has posted by the trail entrances say absolutely nothing about going nude out there, so it must be OK. ;-)

  • And if you "indulge," be sure to cover your legs and feet with insect repellent. The last thing you need is a tick. The footpaths are pretty clear (a little muddy in spots, the feel of which I always LOVED on my bare feet) so it's not like you'll be walking through brush.

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