I wear as little as possible on vacations

I purposely buy the smallest bikini I can when I vacation at the beach and have a few that are see thru when they get wet. I love seeing a dozen men staring at me when I walk out of the water and lay back on the loungers or a towel. When I go to the tropical vacation spots I always go where I can at least be topless but I prefer nude. I do not draw as much attention because most of the people there are also nude but it is still a thrill to lay there with nothing on and enjoy the sun.

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  • Every woman with a sexy body is an exhibitionist, like you.

  • I think every female does this now days.
    It looks attractive to see those gorgeous buns sticking out. I’m sure you love the attention. Do you love knowing young guys go home and jack off to you

  • Do you want to share any pictures

  • We often go to clothes optional beaches naked I love my wife sunbathing on her back with her legs wide apart.

  • I love seeing other men’s naked wife. I would love to see your wife’s pussy!

  • OH Baby where do you go, you clearly sound like such a spunk.

  • My wife has a massive camel toe even though her swimsuit is not transparent it is body hugging and after coming from the pool or surf mostly both of her outer pussie lips hang out the sides along with plenty of curly pubic hairs you should see the looks she gets.

  • Great stuff, my wife wears a transparent seethu when wet costume when we go away, we always stay where they have a pool, each morning she dyes her ample pubic hair jet black and I touch up her nipples with pink indelible ink when totally dry we head for the pool and stay quite a distance away on the grass so when she gets out she has a long walk looking naked, she looks so very hot and attracts a massive amount of attention, on many occasions women will come and sit with her finding out as an opener where to purchase the costume at this stage I leave for a swim because often my wife will like them and want to take them back to our room for Lesbian sex, never fails.

  • So good your a darling

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