Harsh Opinions, Harsh Truths

99% of you will be offended by this post, but here I go.

1. The average woman's vagina is 3-4 inches deep.

2. Most women don't like pain during sex.

3. Pulling out is a stupid idea. Everyone knows it. Even you know it.

4. Unless your girl says it's a good idea, don't take the stuff you see in porn into the bedroom.

5. The only time the vagina actually expands is during childbirth. While it may stretch to accommodate the size of a man's cock, you cannot force anything into her without causing some serious pain.

6. If you want to try anal, just ask. If she says no, the answer is no. If you can't live without it, dump her for a girl who wants it in the ass. It's that simple.

7. Polygamy shouldn't be frowned upon, and it shouldn't be taboo.

8. If the woman is gay, she likes pussy. You aren't going to turn her straight with the power of your cock.

9. Bi people are not confused or greedy, they are just attracted to both males and females. Why is it so difficult to understand that?

10. Using sex toys in the bedroom shouldn't be de-masculating. Believing that your cock is all she needs is laughable.

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  • What about incest?

  • Not offended, and agree with 80% of what you stated. I would just offer two counterpoints. The only times I've ever pulled out was at the woman's insistence or request. They didn't want a mess, or thought they had a better chance of not getting pregnant, and in a couple of cases, just wanted to see how much I would cum. Regarding polygamy, and its' looser cousin polyamory
    lets face it : human relationships are difficult under the best of circumstances. I disagree with any legal or moral imperatives forbidding them, but, think that finding happiness, and meeting everybody's needs ( sexual, emotional, financial ) would be extremely complicated, taxing and perhaps even chaotic. Most people are not up to that task.

  • I disagree with 40% of what you wrote, but no, I am not offended, nor do I believe that 99% of other readers on here will be offended by it.

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