Advice needed by a college age female

I'm a 21-year old college junior (soon to be senior...yay!) in need of some advice. I consider myself attractive, and although I get asked out on plenty of dates I've only had three boyfriends since high school. Lost my virginity as a freshman in college to boyfriend #2, just broke up with boyfriend #3. I think I might be bisexual because I've fantasized about having sex with some of my girlfriends but never have.

My problem is I can only cum when I'm alone and playing with myself. I always faked it with my boyfriends. But I really do want to learn how to cum when I'm having sex with somebody (man or woman).

My parents have neighbors down the street that have known me since grade school. Husband and wife in their 50s but very athletic and attractive. I've started masturbating over thoughts of them doing me. Maybe they could teach me how to cum?

Looking for advice and suggestions for making my fantasy a reality.



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  • Find a woman closer to your age who is either bi or gay, and ease into a casual sexual relationship. No head games, no drama, just sex and friendship. And, relax, for fuck's sake.

  • I have a friend in her twenties that's bi. She use to be a stripper..nice body. They say women know how to lick pussy better than a man. Sometimes she would bring another girl over. Her friend would suck my cock while she would lick her girlfriend. It was great. If interested please reply. Thanks

  • My recommendation is to approach the wife alone on this one. Start by asking her for some one-on-one time to get some "sexual advice" that you're uncomfortable talking to your parents about. Depending on how this goes, open up with her about you're being "over-sexed" and how you have all sorts of fantasies--including ones involving her and her husband. She just might surprise you.

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