My dirty old uncle

When I was a little girl and until I was about fourteen I was regularly sexually abused by my dads brother. He lived with my dads elderly parents who we would visit every Sunday.
It started when I was about seven and he was in his late forties, a big man unmarried and really a bit retarded. The Sunday visits were quite formal and we would all be dressed up in our best. Uncle Ted was always in his room when we visited and mummy would tell me to go and see uncle Ted and keep him company.
He started grooming me, paying me compliments, flattering me and always very "touchy feely" during the cuddles. However, I felt wanted and loved by him so didn't object.
Then it developed into something more!!! He asked me to sit on his lap one day which I did willingly, not knowing any better. He would stroke my legs, admiring them and the clothes I was wearing and I can remember the first time he asked to see my knickers he got quite excited and kissed me for being a good little girl but that I mustn't tell mummy or daddy, it was to be a secret between us.
A while later, maybe a month or two as he became more and more adventurous he asked to see my knickers and after admiring them he asked me if I would like to see his, I stupidly said yes. He undid his fly buttons but he was not wearing underpants and I watched in awe as his huge penis seemed to erupt from his trousers, I had never seen one before. Oh dear he said as he placed my hand on it, he is a naughty boy coming out like that you had better stroke him and get him to go back.
But of course it didn't go back , but I naively thought we were playing a game, you had better sit on him he said and he pulled me back so that my bottom was on it and I could feel it pushing up against my body. He spread my legs and it popped up between my legs against my vagina, then he closed my legs around it and said, there you are Lucy now you have got one as well. Every visit after that got more and more sexual then one day I noticed that he had moved the full length mirror in front of the chair we always sat on.
He asked me if I would kiss his naughty boy, I said I would and he sat in the chair and took it out, bend over and put your lips around him as he will like that and as I did he lifted my dress exposing my knickers and bottom in the mirror. I guiltily liked doing it, I was pleasing him, he reached forward and caressed my bottom, then suddenly my lips, mouth and face were covered in his semen, I stood up shocked and he said you naughty boy you spat at Lucy and she was being so very nice to you, then he kissed the semen off me and wiped my face with his hanky.
He put his member away and we sat down cuddling and he was stroking my legs, You are such a good girl Lucy I love you very much, you are my special princess, but this will always be our secret.
I have never told anyone but when a friend told me about anonymous posts I thought it would help me live with the guilt. It has stopped me having boyfriends or getting married when I realised as a teenager that it had been wrong. Has anything like this happened to you?


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  • Ted the Ped, gaining cred with other peds, pretending to be Lucy, with whom he got goosey. The devil is in the details, Teddy boy ! Die soon, and painfully !

  • You must have enjoyed playing the game because you told no one except now you share this hot episode of your life. It's probably not guilt your suffering as much as you really want Uncle Ted around to play with today.

  • That's so hot 🔥, your uncle knew what he was doing and so did u., don't be ashamed.

  • Why are you living with guilt over it? You did nothing wrong, your perverted uncle is the sick fuck, if he is still alive, you should contract with a professional to have him euthanized. It's too late to go to the police, as there is likely no physical evidence left to convict him, at this point. You should have told your parents about it when it happened, but of course he groomed you to not tell, and you were too young to know better. Not your fault, get over it.

  • It was her fault she knew it was wrong and she liked the attention. So much so that she has missed out the part where she stripped naked and let him fuck her bald tight pussy n ass. How do you think she got pregnant at 14 with his retard child. Tell the true story Holly u fukn slut.

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