Fav Type of Girl

What makes me cum everyday is the thought of being with a girl who loves to suck other dicks and has sucked a lot before meeting me. I would love it if she only sucked and, if I said it was ok, got fucked every once in awhile OR she was the type to just go out many nights a week and just fuck like crazy and tell me that there's nothing I can do about it, and not to wait up as she'll probably do in all-nighter. If I'm awake when she comes home, she'll kiss me and tell me how sore her pussy is from all the poundings she took. If she only sucked, I'd especially love her sending me pics or videos with a dick in her mouth and cum on her face or boobs. From the time I was little to now, I just always thought a girl sucking on a really hard cock slow and hard without hands was the hottest thing, besides squirting.

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  • Blow jobs are my fave 😊 I've been told I'm boss at it to so I'm a but cocky about it :p But the trick is to just love doing it. I love feeling the man squirm as I twist my tongue around his shaft and slowly slip a finger up his Ass. I also love to swallow the load after but I can do what ever is wanted.

  • I love to cum on the face, boobs & ass. Just love seeing them with a messy load. There's dozens of things I want lol, but I also want her to come out of the bedroom with a huge thick load across her tits and to kiss me for a couple mins with her boobs pressed up against me, then lick the cum off my chest. Girl I talked to made me go crazy for so many things.

  • + I also would love to get a phone call and talk to my girl while some guy is eating her pussy & she's trying like hell to sound normal/fighting back the moans, and I wouldn't know about it til I see/talk to her later.

  • Sounds like I could have been your type when I was in college, lol.

  • Well, I'm 26, do you still suck cock left & right? And like to brag about your experiences to make me cum and til I can't cum anymore? When did you first suck cock? You cute, pretty or the hot type? Blonde, brunette or redhead? Beautiful little asshole I can lick for hrs? Good sized boobs, or little ones I can suck on all day? Maybe squirt?

  • I wish my fiancé would continuously go out and fuck other men and tell me about it...because I'd be the worlds biggest fucking slut if I was her...

  • Maybe someday you can ease into it, if you're lucky. Have her hook up with 1 guy and then another and another.

  • Lol I just posted how much I love giving head

  • Every girl should be on their knees sucking different dicks every day. I would love to come home and see my girl sitting on the couch with a guy in front of her or her on her knees in the bedroom. I also like to picture her getting banged on the bed, I'd be in the living room waiting for them to get done, and she'd come out and kiss me with a huge load on her tits. Truly a great girl to share her experiences with you with pics or videos getting cummed on.

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