So, I LOVE grannies

When I was 22 I went over to a house for work, it was after breakup so what happened next really lifted me up. I knocked on the door and a lady, maybe in her 50's opened up, short with perky tits and a nice ass. We quickly got to talking business and what she wanted. She would throw compliments my way throughout the conversation and would get closer and closer. I noticed she smelled like sake, but damn, she knew what she was doing and she went after it. Eventually she got close enough to kiss me and ended up literally climbing ontop of me. We were outside talking about her house and I realized her neighbors were outside and I told her. "Screw em, they don't have to hear us" I insisted on going inside since I was technically on the clock. I convinced her and as we were making out inside she says to me 'i've never been with a man of color, we should explore ourselfs, maybe in the shower?' It just kept escalating, before we ended up in the bathroom she grabbed the bottle of sake from the fridge and we both drank. She started to undress me feeling my cock as I felt her firm tits. Her ass was so nice and firm and it fit in both my hands, I think she was about 5'4 or so. When she took of my shirt she gasped and was amazed I had dark nipples and sucked on them without warning while at the same time jacking me off with her hands. This went from 0 to 100 so fast I don't think I said more than a few words since going inside. I told I needed to taste her pussy so I lifted her ontop of the sink and munched on that yummy slit, I don't I have ever to this date eaten such a wet a juicey pussy, she was so turned on and horny that she came from my tongue in maybe a minute. We both got into the shower as we were impatient at this point. The whole time she was grabbing my dick and playing with it but didn't look at it and when she did she said wow, your cock is also colored and immediately put it on her mouth, she had thin lips which was a little odd for me but what she lacked in lips she more than made up for with her tongue game. She was a real pro, slobbering on my cock untill I was hard as a rock. She got on her tipietoes and guided my cock into that pussy, bending forward as she rode my cock in the shower. I was so turned on at this point her pussy was so wet and creamy, it blew my mind. We both finished showering and washing the soap of eachother before rushing over to the living room coach. Her living room had a nice view of the back yard because she had large glass windows all around and I could see that the neighbors were still outside. I told her they could probably see us but all she said was, let them watch then, we'll give em a good show. She got ontop and slid my cock inside, riding my cock as she pinched her own nipples. She was a screamer and I had never been with one and I was sure the neighbors could not only see us but hear us too, I didn't care, I was so into it at that point I really didn't care. I flipped her on her back and started fucking her missionary, bite my nipples! She yelled as I noticed her stick a finger up her own ass. I could feel her finger rubbing against her pussy and against my dick as we continued to fuck. With her other hand she grabbed my head slammed it into her tits telling me to bite her nipples again. I did just that, going back and forth between them making sure I didn't bite too hard. There was so much going on at that point but we continued to fuck for a good 10 minutes at least. She had cummed 3 times and the last time was the most intense. I felt her pussy pulsating and grabbing my cock from the inside so violently I came like a madman. We laid there in our sweat and laughed. We had both cursed so much, moaned so loud, we looked towards the back yard and noticed the neighbors were gone from their back yard. I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed but it all went away when I realized what a gem I had found. After we cleaned up and made out some more she told me she was actually 68 hahahahahah. Fuck me dead I guess I love grannies, I thought. We met a few more times after that and used a ton of lube when we fucked, even though she was moist, she went so hard and wanted to get fucked so hard that we needed it. She eventually met an older guy, retired with lots of money and ended up moving with him to the northern part of the state. I've since hooked up with 2 other ladies that were older than me but I got to say, she was the best. Haven't had much luck recently with older ladies, I think my change of jobs has made it a little hard to encounter them, any ideas where I could go to meet some? I love older ladies.

2 months ago


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    • The Anti-Incest Warrior is a Fucking Retard!

    • I'm 30 I love older ladies. There are 3 in my town that are 70 72 and 64 that love cock. Them old ladies know how to fuck

    • 50 isn't old. I'm male 54 and I love eating and fucking pussy of 60 to 70 year old. They are very alive and they know what they want how they want it and they fucking love it. And when they take your cock and slide their lovely cunts down my cock they know how to fuck.

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