Teacher And Student

I'm an18yo gayboy, a HS senior who's been intimate with his english teacher, he's 26 married with a new baby. He's the first boy I've allowed to touch me in ways I haven't let others'. I feel so connected to him in so many ways and love our short periods in time when, I give him what he so desires, me for his love. I feel so perplexed, sad and confused when I think of his wife and child. He's told me he's been bi most of his life but never touched another boy until me. I'll always remember that day in his car when he asked me if he could kiss me. We now spend time together when we can, his condo or even my room when my parents are away from time to time. It's so hard to look at him while at school, in his class, knowing I must conceal my feelings knowing his position in life. Am I wrong for allowing myself to fall in love with him so easily, to let him take me in a way I also so desired ? I'm sure there're others' who've been in my place at this time in my life, and how did you come to terms with this ? Please feel all may comment but, please don't disparage me or my teacher.

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  • Please don't be another victim in the all-too-occurring headlines " Teacher Charged With Sexual Relations With Student " . It would be the ruin of you both, not to mention his wife and kid.

  • There's lots of fruits in the basket. Stop fucking this one and find one that's more available. He has a wife and family and will never give you anything more than closeted sex with no real emotional affection. Also, if he has allowed himself to fuck one student, then there likely have been and will be many others. He is probably a pedophile. Run far far away from him, before you find yourself in deep shit.

  • Get out now. You had some fun. Save yourself and his kid the anguish if his affair was ever discovered.

  • And it will be.

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