Am I the only one who does this?

Do any other straight guys or girls have an lgbt fuck buddy? It's amazing, if you've never done it. I'm not into guys, but my neighbor sucks my cock like he was made to, and his ass is so tight and warm it's a work of art. He's pretty much perpetually horny, so any time we're both single we get in touch and he'll jump at my dick hole-first. I do occasionally jack him off while he's riding me, since it only seems fair, but half the time he cums without me touching him.

3 months ago

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    • I've had a tranny fuck buddy ever since the age of 24. "She was the best lover anyone could ask for. Even though she dressed like a woman she loves to be on top. And she can fuck all night long. Her love making is so good that I want to be just like her. I want to suck dicks as good as she can. I want to dress and look as sexy as she does. I want to be a sissy just like she is.

    • So cool! With me it all started out with an older boy that was a closeted tyranny who was 15. His parents worked and we'd play dress up with all his two older sister's stuff in the attic. It became a sexual thing immediately between us, him not being able to resist the my perfect 9 year old smooth bottom floating in party dresses, tutus and ruffled parties. Me submitting was a very special thing that answered all the weird feelings I was having playing the role of a little girl. Oral was an exciting thing every time I sucked him. Anal was the ultimate.

    • I've never had the urge to fuck another guy or get fucked. But during a time when my wife and I were swingers in the 70s to 90s she kept trying to get me to let a guy suck me off while she watched since I'd had several offers. It may have been because she's bi. But eventually, I gave in and over the years let a few guys suck me off. But will admit on a few occasions since we stopped swinging I have gone to adult bookstores with booths in the back and let guys suck my cock. I've never had any desire to return the favor or take it further. But every few years I'll get the urge and do it. And it seems to be hotter in an open room where others are watching me get my cock sucked. And the younger the guy the better. But over 18 of course, isn't worth jail time.

    • Ever notice how many so called Gay haters read these beautiful gay posts. They in all probability ache to be little Jane in panties, they too can find the bliss of sucking cock and having one up their male pussy. Am I right you naughty wanna-be?

    • I don’t hate . Liked the jane in panties line ha .
      Because I love wearing panties

    • I seduce joggers in the park and suck them off behiind a tree. 2 or 3 each week.....sometimes more. Durham, NC

    • Go to Capital news in Raliegh, get all the cock you want and indoors.

    • On the bike path by coffee shop? I’ll be there tomorrow

    • What coffee shop?

    • On your knees you walking bag of diseases!

    • Yeh right!

    • I've got three friends who are always trying to get in my underpants or having sex with me in my mouth. It's cool but not like as much as they want to.

    • Sure you do

    • I am a pretty gay boy, and am currently providing service to about 20 different horny straight guys. No, you are not alone.

    • What do you call to fags on rollerskates?

    • WOW, twenty guys...I only have five guys, two are three years older than me where I go to school and the other three are way older guys, men. It's like one of um are always trying to get in my underpants?


    • How old is that lame joke? It isn't even called AIDS anymore. You must be really old, but obviously still need to grow up.

    • Yes it is idiot! First you get Human Immunodeficiency Viruses or HIV There is HIV-1 and HIV-2 variants!
      If left untreated you get full blown Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS num nuts! You can also get AIDS from other diseases Stupid!

    • It's stupid to make an anti-gay joke regarding a disease, actually.

    • My twenty are mostly married men in their 40"s and 50's, and their wives just don't suck their cocks. I love doing it! I spend a lot of time on my knees. And they always come back for more.

    • I sure as all hell don't!

    • So try it, you don't know what you are missing.

    • I know what i'm missing! Extreme vomiting followed by the urge to blow my brains out for being a faggot!

    • Yeah, your strong reaction to it tells me you are pretty insecure with your sexuality, most likely because you secretly long for a big cock pounding your ass.

    • What happened to you guys?
      Wow getting some pussy and a blow job from a woman is beyond your reach! No female will touch you?
      I bet you'r grasping for anyone to have sex with you and if some female came to see you, you would drop the homosexuality in a heartbeat. Your to homely to get a girl to go out with you!
      The thought of sex with a man turns me off and nothing will change that.
      You sick fags can say what you want! But you are the abnormal part of society not me! You are the few and are desperately trying to recruit more to make yourself feel better, and keep up with all the suicides in your sick little nation. No sex before faggot sex!

    • It's not a question of "can I get my gf to suck my dick?", It's a question of "how much will she enjoy it, and how good will she be at it?" And the answer to both of those is, as far as I've been able to tell, is "not as much as a gay guy would". Goes the other way, too; most women will tell you a guy couldn't find their clitoris if it blinked, but a lesbian could.

    • So you can't control you urges at all. You would stick your dick into anything that would give you a good blow job. Clearly you have not had intercourse with a woman! Pussy is a 100 times better than any mouth any day. So just because the women around you won't fuck you, you can't compare the two.

      Do you know how a fag fakes an orgasm?

      He spits on his boyfriends back!!

    • You seem to think your views and preferences outweigh anyone elses. They do not.

    • Most people can control there sexual urges only sick fucks can't!

    • That doesn't seem accurate at all.

    • Thats quite true most people can control their urges or we would have people having sex and raping other people all around us right in public! If You spend a year in jail the last thing you would do is walk around with a hard on! You would get you ass kicked so fast then you would get raped later! Thats called controlling your urges. Go stand in front of a day care with a hard on and play with yourself and see what happens before the police comes.

    • I have zero urges to do that, controlling it doesn't appear to be a problem.

    • Sex with another man may turn you off, fine. But where is this judgemental, aggressive bullshit coming from? Your obviously are insecure about something.

    • Yes all the sick fucking stories with men wanting to suck cock! You are number one here. No one even comes close to the amount of stories you queer fucks write! It's disgusting And like I said you are trying to recruit more over to the sick side.

    • There are a lot of stories, because a lot of men are secretly sucking cock, fool.

    • Now answer the question I asked above! What happened to you guys.

    • Once again Now answer the question I asked above! What happened to you guys. You get old and lose interest in women?
      Openly gay men definitely don't need or come to this place to find others. Only married or divorced losers who are afraid to go to LGBT bars and meeting places.
      They also have more class in one hand then you sick fucks have all together.

    • Sickness

    • Believe me, when you're getting the best blowjob of your whole life, you won't give a fuck that it's a guy. You'll just end up asking yourself why you didn't do it years ago.

    • No fucking way!

    • Don't knock it till you try it.

    • Not a snowballs chance in hell! NO SEX BEFORE GAY SEX!

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